February 22, 2013

First Official YouTube Recruitment Drive!

We are excited to announce the first official Shadow Fleet YouTube Recruitment Drive, your chance to assist in the future development of our fleet!

Launched as an official project of the Media & Recruitment Team, this is the first recruitment drive to focus entirely on YouTube and the medium of video and moving images. But we need your help!

If you're interested in helping the fleet to grow and expand with the introduction of new members, it's as easy as "1, 2, 3":
  1. Search for a Star Trek-related video on YouTube
  2. Post a message in the "comments" section
  3. Move on to the next video and keep advertising the fleet!

If everybody in the fleet posted just five recruitment messages on different YouTube videos, that's over 200 messages on as many pages! With over 12 million views on the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie trailer alone, we're opening ourselves up to a serious fan-base and a potentially massive increase in the forum member count.

So between now and the end of February, take just ten minutes out of your day to advertise Shadow Fleet on YouTube. You could be the one who makes a difference!

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