February 26, 2013

Post of the Month--February 2013

Though it's been a short month, February has been packed with some really good quality role-playing posts. Now it's time to recognize one such post as we award Post of the Month for February, 2013.

Zuriel had gotten to his station not that long ago, his last shift had him at the flight control room on deck five, which was still tore up from the last  mission, but had be put "on hold" since he had a rather important date with the ships Counselor, and since that took an entire day out of his schedule, he was running a little behind, and the fact that he was thinking about her was not helping very much either, and the prospect of her being able to hear him made him devote part of his mind to keeping up a wall, which made exacerbated things even further.
Alex put his scanner to the side, tapping his commbadge to reply. =/\= "I'm realigning the power conduits sir, it's mostly just calibration and fine tuning now. The two Type 9s are operational and with your permission, I would like to begin testing the primary and transporter systems. I'd also reccommend we schedule shakedown flights as soon as possible to recertify them for active service. I'm not too keen on flying around with both of Gibson's shuttles grounded, sir." =/\=
"Aye sir, prepping for departure." he said as he pulled up the screen that communicated with the space dock. =/\= "All crewmen prepare for immediate departure, moorings detached, separating form space dock." Zuriel watched on the new view screen as the ship pealed away and once again said goodbye by to earth, " Flight control and engineering have signaled ready, max warp authorization is confirmed from starfleet command, your were right sir we are in a hurry, course to Talar layed in, jumping to warp eight. The sound of the warp engines powering echoed through the ship, a very distinct hum, that never failed to give Zuriel goosebumps no matter how many times he did it. Just before the Gibson flashed of into the great void, a warning bell went off, the Gibson had lost its warp clearance, "What in the world...Sir we lost our jump clearance pending the order of Admiral Welch of the seventh fleet." Just then the massive and poorly designed aft of the Galaxy class USS Venture, "Are you kidding me, we are going to be late just because some Admiral, wants to do a fly by!?" sometimes Zuriel really hated starfleet, after about fifteen minutes of counting every window on the Venture, the Gibson was finally given its warp clearance back, "Alright now that that over, course layed in, accelerating to warp eight."

"Sing us a song, you're the pianoman..." Alex hummed as he sat on the deck of a shuttlecraft, working on calibrating the power distribution system. Ever since they had replaced the EPS conduits due to cannibalizing parts in the last mission, there was a notable performance deviation with the shuttles. He had managed to track the problem back to the new conduits; for some reason, there was a partial block after the engines and power was being siphoned off before reaching the rest of the systems. You'd think this would be an engineer's problem...he mused, leaning against the bulkhead and entering readings from his scanner into a PADD.  
=/\= "Soreka to Wu, how are those shuttles working out, I hope we don't have to do anything to major to them." =/\= It was Zuriel's order that caused the mess but there was so much to fix that he never had time to go down and help him out, but he was sure Wu could handle it without him looking over his back the entire time.

Please congratulate Lieutenant Zuriel Soreka on what is a fantastic post that describes in detail the embarkation procedure for a Starfleet shuttlecraft. What could have been a simple post has been turned into a literary delight that really projects a picture in the mind's eye.

Speaking of the post in question, Acting Commanding Officer of the Gibson Tobias Masters commented; "His post was well written and showed technical knowledge. He is one of Gibson's best and I feel it is his time to shine with a PotM award."

Have you seen a post worthy of some recognition? Be sure to submit it to your Commanding Officer before the end of the month for it to be considered Post of the Month!

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