October 10, 2013

Fleet "Special" Mission

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Fleet,

Normally at this time of the year, we are gearing up and making preparations for a Halloween Special Mission. Some spooky happenings grip the Federation and we're sent to investigate.

However, it seems this year, we're even more unlucky. Instead of a spooky situation, the Federation is in a dangerous situation. Millions of lives are in danger.

We are pleased to announce that instead of a Halloween Mission, Shadow Fleet will be hosting a Fleet-Wide mission. One mission. All three ships. One intense storyline.

A story written up by our own Mike Anderson has been released to the Command Officers of the ships.

However, what I will tell you all, is this; If this mission fails, then the Federation could fall.

The Fleet mission will take place in November, so keep your eyes peeled.