April 30, 2012

Post of the Month -- April 2012

Let's all congratulate Reece Thompson, who has just been transferred to the USS Discovery, on getting PotM for April 2012! Well done Mr. Thompson.
Creeping around Starfleet Command wasn't exactly what Reece had planned during his leave on Earth. However, circumstances never allowed Reece to follow his plans. He arrived at the transmitter control room, to find a drone standing outside the door. There was no way he could sneak past it while it was looking down the corridor in his direction.  
"Computer. Are the transporters still online?" he asked, it was a long shot.  
"Affirmative." Reece was taken aback with the answer. he had hoped for it, but it was still a surprise. 
"Oh.. really?" he asked.  
"Good. Lock on the drone outside the transmitter control room and beam it into science lab 3."  
Reece listed as he heard a transporter hum, and peered around the corner. With a nice clear view, he sprinted down the hall and dived into the doorway. Reece looked out and saw a green hue as another borg beamed in to take the missing space. Luckily, it was facing down the hall. The door swished shut, and Reece heaved a sigh.  
He picked himself up off the floor and walked towards the transmitter controls. Taking a quick look over the console, he could see they were locked down.  
"Ahh. This is a problem." He said to himself. He knelt down beside the console and opened it up, revealing the circuits and the isolinear chips. "OK. I remember being showed this."  
He stared at the console, trying to take himself back to his time on the Churchill, when one of the Engineers showed him how to unlock a console. 

He picked one of the chips and placed it in another slot. The console beeped twice, bringing Reece up to check it out. The transmitter was back online.  
"Yes!" He praised himself. "Now I better send out a warning."  
---This is Lieutenant Reece Thompson in Starfleet Command. Earth has been attacked by the Borg. Keep your distance until the situation is rectified. I repeat, Earth has been attacked by the Borg. Do not approach Earth. This message is set to repeat.---
Reece read the message through. That should keep the people away. He knew he couldn't broadcast it on all channels though. It would be detected too quickly. He needed a way to hide it.  
The emergency broadcast system.
Tapping away on the console, Reece input the message into the Emergency broadcast system. Anyone listening to it would have their signal interrupted for a few seconds while the message played. The interruptions would occur every few minutes. it was the bets he could do without increasing the risk of having the message discovered and purged.  
He released the message into the system and allowed it to broadcast through the Sol System. Hopefully, someone would hear it. 

April 20, 2012

Competition Time!!!

Hey! Are you interested in winning the latest TOS novel (Star Trek: That Which Divides)? Are you creative? Do you just plain love Star Trek? If you answered yes to any of the questions, this is a competition for you. Put your thinking cap and create a cover for the upcoming poetry anthology, Beyond the Stars. For full terms & conditions, as well as to submit your design(s), check out the competition thread on the Shadow Fleet website. You have until April 30 to submit your design(s), after which a winner will be chosen. Don't forget, you can still submit poems to the Articles section of the forum. Even if you don't think your poems are very good, we would still like to see them. Let's get those creative juices flowing, and good luck!