November 30, 2012

Post of the Month--November 2012

It's time to award this year's penultimate Post of the Month.

Please congratulate Lieutenant Commander Reece Thompson on his post, which Commanding Officer Riley T. Munro called "lighthearted and detailed with good use of written NPCs."

To all players, keep up the great standard of posting and remember, if you see a post submission you believe is worthy of our next Post of the Month Award (and the final one of 2012), send your nomination to your Commanding Officer.

Reece stopped the diagnostic and gripped the console as the ship shook.
"What the heck..."
He looked around all the other engineering personnel, seeing them all look as blank as he did.

After hearing the call about Munro stuck in the turbolift, he suppressed a laugh.
"Zelenka, grab a Engineering kit and come with me. We're on lift duty." He yelled out, heading towards the door.

Crewmen Zelenka grabbed a case of tools and ran and caught up to Reece. As they walked Zelenka turned to a Turbolift.
"No." Reece announced. "Then who's gunna rescue us?"

The two Engineering crewmen jogged through the ship and climbed various jeffries tubes until they reached the door closest to Munro.
"Commander!!! You hiding in there?" He joked loudly, seeing if he got a response.

November 29, 2012

Recent Promotion

Please congratulate Crewman Sukal on his recent promotion to Senior Crewman! Mr. Sukal has been with us since September and he's already gotten to a booming start. He works hard, has come up with a lot of great ideas, and is always willing to lend a hand. 

Are you a hard worker and have a love for Star Trek? With a little hard work, you too can make Senior Crewman! And from there you can continue to go up in rank if you keep up the hard work. Visit the Help Files for more information on How to Get Promoted.

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy turkey day, everyone! On this special day we spend time with our families, blood relatives or close friends. Here at Shadow Fleet, we have a lot to be thankful for. We have a warm, loving community where anyone is welcome. There are also a lot of great posts to read and many who are willing to lend a hand to those that need it. Sound like the kind of thing you want to be a part of? Then head over to Shadow Fleet now if you haven't done so already! We'd love to have you. And above all else, have a happy Thanksgiving!

November 19, 2012

Do you like to write? Do you like Star Trek? If you answered yes to either of those questions, than you should head over to Shadow Fleet if you haven't done so already.

Did you know that Shadow Fleet has an articles section where members can submit pieces of writing ranging from episode reviews to poetry? You can submit articles to the following categories:

  •  Special Articles and Essays
    (A collection of articles examining various themes and moralities throughout Star Trek, and their relation to the real-world)
  •  Episode and Movie Reviews
    (Got a favorite episode of Star Trek? Share your thoughts on it here by writing a review and see if the Shadow Fleet community agrees)
  •  Mission Reviews
    (Did you enjoy participating in - or even simply reading - a Shadow Fleet mission? Let everyone know what you thought of your favorites by posting a review here)
  •  Mission Stories
    (Feel like crafting a previous mission into a piece of prose? Submit your write-up of a Shadow Fleet mission here)
  •  Fan Fiction
    (Do you like writing original stories based on characters from your favorite tv shows? If the answer is 'yes,' submit yours here today)
  •  Original Writing
    (If you've written an original story that you want to share with the fleet, then post it here for all to see, read, rate, and comment on)
  •  Poetry
    (Are you an author of the rhyming type? If you enjoy writing poetry, why not submit your creation to our dedicated poetry section for all to see!)
Also, if you feel there is a missing category, please let us know.

November 14, 2012

Facebook Update

If you like Shadow Fleet and enjoy reading our posts on Facebook, we urge you to do this. Just hover of the "Liked" button and click on "Add to Interest Lists" from the drop-down menu. Thanks for your support!

November 13, 2012

Santa Who?

With the Halloween special mission now over, members of Shadow Fleet have already begun to plot and scheme about what to do over the winter holidays. Instead of having a full blown mission the plan is for characters to mingle on a station. It's also intended to be more light hearted and merry. One of the more interesting ideas thus far would be to have Q play the part of Santa, passing out presents. What do you think? Head over to the Christmas Special Event topic to let us know. I'm sure you'll want to be part of this festive fantastic fun.

November 11, 2012

I Want You for Shadow Fleet!!!

Shadow Fleet is looking to recruit some new members. For those who don't know, Shadow Fleet is an amazing Star Trek RPG where people get to build a career for their character, write really fun/cool posts, and interact with a lot of really nice people who happen to love Star Trek. So head over to because we would love for you to join us! But if you don't, that's ok too. Could you still give us a hand by spreading the word?

Already a member? Great! Help us about by telling all your friends what a great place Shadow Fleet is. Thank you, everyone.

November 9, 2012

Special Mission Draws to a Close

We started our Halloween Special Mission nearly three weeks ago, but now that the spookiest time of the year is over, it's time for the Special Mission to wrap up. However, it's not over just yet...

In the meantime, thanks go out to to those who participated in the mission, making it enjoyable and the spookiest celebration to date. The following people are awarded the "Supernatural" Participation medal: Adolph Klein, Raymundo Salas, Safefta Pardek, Jonathan Sanchez, Archangel T'Koris, Kirok, Lance Krol, Shelaf Greegy, Saffir G'Tollikos, T'Ra Jones, John Harriman, Tobias Masters, Alyssa Meadows, John Brown, Sukal, Rennan Protheus, TLaina Mandlin, Grace Masters.

Reece Thompson Returns

Shadow Fleet would like to welcome back an old member, Lieutenant Commander Reece Thompson, who will be taking up position as Chief Engineer on the USS Gibson. Please give him a warm welcome!

November 6, 2012

Special Mission Continues

Having you been keeping up with our current special mission, Supernatural? Computers are offline and life support isn't functioning. What's going to happen next??? Tune into Shadow Fleet now to find out!