November 30, 2012

Post of the Month--November 2012

It's time to award this year's penultimate Post of the Month.

Please congratulate Lieutenant Commander Reece Thompson on his post, which Commanding Officer Riley T. Munro called "lighthearted and detailed with good use of written NPCs."

To all players, keep up the great standard of posting and remember, if you see a post submission you believe is worthy of our next Post of the Month Award (and the final one of 2012), send your nomination to your Commanding Officer.

Reece stopped the diagnostic and gripped the console as the ship shook.
"What the heck..."
He looked around all the other engineering personnel, seeing them all look as blank as he did.

After hearing the call about Munro stuck in the turbolift, he suppressed a laugh.
"Zelenka, grab a Engineering kit and come with me. We're on lift duty." He yelled out, heading towards the door.

Crewmen Zelenka grabbed a case of tools and ran and caught up to Reece. As they walked Zelenka turned to a Turbolift.
"No." Reece announced. "Then who's gunna rescue us?"

The two Engineering crewmen jogged through the ship and climbed various jeffries tubes until they reached the door closest to Munro.
"Commander!!! You hiding in there?" He joked loudly, seeing if he got a response.

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