December 1, 2012

Miracle on Starbase 83 (Christmas Event)

Well, laddies and gents... this year's Christmas event has begun at last! Miracle on Starbase 83 is sure to be light hearted and full of fun! Head over to Shadow Fleet Now to join in on the festive fun. We look forward to seeing you there!

Task Group Alpha is given time off for the hard work they have put in recently. Conveniently, the time off coincides with Christmas back on Earth. With all three ships docked safely at Starbase 83 - the home of Shadow Fleet & Task Group Alpha - the crew takes the time to get to know their other ship counterparts, share a story or two, and celebrate the winter holiday.

The relaxing time is quickly overshadowed by some peculiar goings on. It isn't long before Q (
played by Tobias Masters) appears, checking up on 'his humans', but he's confounded by what he sees. It's up to the fleet to either teach Q about Christmas, or send him on his merry.

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