October 31, 2012

Post of the Month--October 2012

Please congratulate Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Adolph Klein for writing October's Post of the Month! A well written and "very detailed post that sets the scene for our Halloween Special mission."

Captain's Log:

Stardate 66666.6

USS Dante, Adolph Klein commanding

We are on an exploratory mission in Beta Quadrant cataloging and mapping various planetary systems. Though it's been a long, tedious mission, I am proud to say that ship and crew have performed well. We are on course to system Hydra Epsilon 11, time of arrival expected to be early tomorrow morning during the night shift. Probes have indicated possible signs of life in the system and I am looking forward to us being the first Federation vessel to explore the system.

[Bridge, 1800 hours]

Having finished his customary daily log entry, Captain Adolph Klein exited his ready room and surveyed the bridge. The night shift would be taking over soon and already the levels of activity seemed to be subdued. Klein smiled softly as he made his way to the captain's chair, sitting down. The science and operations departments had been working overtime with all the sensor data they had collected in the past month. They already had enough new information to keep Starfleet Command happy for months as they digested it all.

The medical department had the chance to collect several new samples on a previous away mission, but there had been precious little for the engineering and security departments to do. The ship was working perfectly and the [i]Dante[/i] seemed to be the only vessel in the region at present.

"All stations, report." Klein called the customary command.

As he waited for the various departments to report what they were doing, in a fairly routine day as they were en route, he leaned over towards the Vulcan counselor sitting next to him.

"Counselor Kirok, how's crew morale?" Klein inquired, "I'm hoping we won't lose our edge and get complacent as routine as our assignments have been of late."

October 29, 2012

Halloween... Almost Here

Ladies and gents, the spookiest day of the year is almost here. Not sure what to do on Wednesday? Here are some ideas:

  • Read and/or post in Shadow Fleet's current special mission, "Supernatural," a mission that's sure to send shivers down your spine.
  • Go trick or treat. Or pass out candy. Are you going to be decked out in a super cool Trek themed costume? We want to see them! Share your pics with us and we'll feature them all day October 31st.
  • Watch a creepy Star Trek episode like "Empok Nor," "Schisms," or "Wolf in the Fold" Go here for the list of top ten scariest Star Trek episodes.
  • Carve a pumpkin with a cool Star Trek design.
  • Whatever makes you happy (that's a good idea too).

October 22, 2012

Halloween Special Mission Commences

Ladies and gents, our spooktacular special mission is finally underway!!! Look below for ranks and positions. 


Captain Adolph Klein as Commanding Officer
Commander Raymundo Salas as First Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer Safefta Pardek as Chief of the Boat


Commander Jonathan Sanchez as Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Archangel T'Koris as Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Kirok as Ship's Counselor
Lieutenant Commander Lance Krol as Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Shelaf Greegy as Chief Flight Control Officer
Lieutenant Saffir G'Tollikos as Chief Operations Officer


Lieutenant T'Ra Jones as Engineering Officer
Ensign John Harriman as Security/Tactical Officer
Ensign Tobias Masters as Medical Officer

Senior Chief Communications Specialist Alyssa Meadows as Operations Crewman
Chief Tactical Systems Technician John Brown as Security/Tactical Crewman
Chief Counseling Assistant Sukal as Assistant to the Ship's Counselor
Flight Controller First Class Rennan Protheus as Flight Control Crewman
Warp Core Specialist Third Class TLaina Mandlin as Engineering Crewman
Impulse Engines Specialist Apprentice Grace Masters as Engineering Crewman

It's the graveyard shift on the USS Dante. Having left starbase on its next mission of exploration, it's not long before a strange influence begins to take hold of the ship's systems. Shields fail, sensors go offline and the life support systems begin to fluctuate. As the senior staff jumps into action, it quickly becomes apparent that this new influence is in fact alive...and wants nothing less than to possess each and every person on the entire ship.

October 21, 2012

Star Trek London--October 2012

Shadow Fleet is at Star Trek London all day today!

Follow the event on our official Facebook and Twitter pages now!!!

We'll be posting updates throughout the day. See you there!

October 14, 2012

Special Mission Sign Ups

Last week, you all voted for the idea you'd like to see become our next Special Mission. With less than one week left before launch, it's now time to sign yourself up for our Halloween Special!

It's the graveyard shift on the USS Dante. Having left starbase on its next mission of exploration, it's not long before a strange influence begins to take hold of the ship's systems. Shields fail, sensors go offline and the life support systems begin to fluctuate. As the senior staff jumps into action, it quickly becomes apparent that this new influence is in fact alive...and wants nothing less than to possess each and every person on the entire ship.

We've had Klingons. We've had Tribbles. Now, are you ready to take part in our scariest fleet mission yet? We're on the lookout to fill the following positions:

  • Chief of the Boat
  • Flight Control Officers
  • Security/Tactical Officers
  • Operations Officers
  • Engineering Officers
  • Science Officers
  • Medical Officers
  • Additional Star Fleet crewmen (all departments)

Sign up in the discussion topic on Shadow Fleet with your preferred and second preferred positions before this Friday, October 19th, when we'll also announce the two officers who have been selected to run this fleet-wide event as the Commanding Officer and First Officer respectively.

With only seven days left, are you ready for our next Special Mission?

October 9, 2012

New Academy Instructors!

We are delighted to announce that Shadow Fleet Academy has taken on two new instructors as a result of the latest recruitment drive.

Lieutenant Commander Tobias Masters and Lieutenant Kirok will be managing the Engineering and Security/Tactical courses respectively. Both of these officers have shown considerable dedication to Shadow Fleet during their times here and are sure to make an excellent addition to the ever-increasing staff pool at Shadow Fleet Academy.

Please congratulate both officers on the success of their applications and if you weren't so lucky this time, keep your eyes open for further recruiting periods in the near future.

Halloween Special Mission-- The Votes Are In!!!

In late September, we asked you to conjure up some spooky ideas for our upcoming special mission later this month. Your ideas were given, your voice was heard, and you voted on which you thought was the most sinister. Well, ladies and gents, the votes are now in!

In descending order, the top three winning ideas as voted for by the Shadow Fleet community were Possessed By Demons (27%), Horizon Station (18%) and View Into Hell (14%).

Thanks go out to all those who put forward ideas with particular congratulations for Alyssa Meadows whose idea, Possessed By Demons, will be used for our next Special Mission.

Stay tuned for further updates as we get closer to the October 22nd launch date.

October 2, 2012

Academy Instructors Required - Apply Within

Shadow Fleet Academy is once again on the lookout for qualified players to take on roles teaching the next generation of Shadow Fleet officers.

Reporting directly to the Academy Commandant, Instructors oversee and administer a commissioned officer candidate's course, coaching and developing them throughout. All instructors are briefed and detailed resources provided to assist them in their role.

We are looking for Academy instructors to be in place for CORP 02/12, due to launch later this year. To apply, all applicants must:
  • Have been a member of the fleet for at least 3 months
  • Hold the minimum rank of Lieutenant and no higher than Commander
  • Preferably hold no other secondary duty within the fleet
  • Be willing to commit fully for the duration of a candidate's course
  • Be able to demonstrate an excellent standard of spelling & grammar
If you meet all of the above requirements and think you have what it takes to be an Academy instructor in your field, send your application to Admiral Kawolsky with a brief explanation of why you would be a good choice for the role, by Monday 8th October. Late applications will not be considered.

Good luck!

October 1, 2012

Post of the Month--September 2012

Please congratulate Lieutenant Archangel T'Koris for writing September's post of the month!! A post of high quality, her Commanding Officer, Captain Scott Bradley, remarked that "Lieutenant T'Koris makes a post that really captures the feel of Trek and sets an appropriate atmosphere for the situation. One I definitely enjoyed reading!" Don't forget to keep an eye out for fantastic posts over the coming month, especially during our Halloween themed special mission.


"Whoa!" Archangel exclaimed as the ship shook briefly.  She wobbled on the narrow ledge she was standing on, losing her balance.  She grabbed onto the edge, panting heavily as she realised that she wasn't going to fall yet.  She took a moment, simply dangling there, to rethink her strategy for fixing the warp core.  Standing several metres in the air on a bit of metal less than a metre wide, was perhaps not the best thing to do.
"I've got to remember to use a safety harness next time," she muttered to herself. 

Scrabbling with her boots to try to get a purchase on the edge of the warp core, the attempted to heave herself back up onto the ledge.  She had managed to get her torso back up when she paused.  A thought had occurred to her.  Every time the ship encountered glitches, it was when they were on an important mission.  So far, they had had to send out a distress call about as many times as they had gone back to a starbase without needing to go into dry dock for major repair.  So, half hanging on to the ledge, she started to put the pieces into place.  These glitches were far too focalised.  They nearly always took out the warp core, (which was starting to get really annoying), and other major systems, taking a few of the minor ones with it, (speaking of which, she really should figure out what to do about those Tribbles in the Captain's ready room).  They couldn't possibly be random and affect the same systems every time.  That was just too convenient as far as she was concerned.  It had to either be a program, or some sort of intelligent being.  Then again, what kind of intelligent being would try to sabotage the ship they were on? 

Realising that she was still clinging on to the service ledge and that her thoughts were going round in circles, Archangel pulled herself the rest of the way up to the ledge, sitting with her back against the core.  Her shoulder muscles were burning from the effort.  Sighing heavily, she went back to work, pulling out her tricorder and scanning the core again.  Offline, she couldn't detect what was wrong.  It didn't seem as if there were any glitches at all, which suggested that what ever was causing them was in the power grids.  She cursed under her breath.  That was going to be a pain in the backside to fix.  It meant a lot of crawling through the jefferies tubes, which she hated. 

Slipping the tricorder back into its place on her toolbelt, she started to climb back down the ladder to the main Engineering deck.  A few rungs from the bottom, the lights went out.  Archangel yelped with surprise, letting go of the ladder and falling the last metre to land on her backside on the metal floor. 
"What happened?" she called out, peering into the darkness to where she was sure a group of crewmen had been standing.
"I don't know, lieutenant," a voice called back, echoing strangely in the silence.  "Everything just went off!  The main power's out!"
"I can tell that for myself, thanks," Archangel muttered, picking herself off the floor and moving towards one of the consoles.  She cursed again a few steps later.  No power.  Of course.

The emergency backup lights came on, filling the department with harsh shadows.  Archangel leant against one of the consoles, rubbing the ridges on her forehead.  She tapped her commbadge, intending to give the Captain her report, but there was no connection.  Growling in frustration, she slammed her fist into the console screen, cracks splintering out from the impact.  No power, no communications, no engines. 

Halloween Special

Earlier, we asked for your ideas for our upcoming Halloween Special Mission. Well, the ideas are in and now it's time to put them to the vote!

From a possessed crew to the walking dead, there's a huge selection of mission ideas for you to choose from. Simply choose your favorite from the list above and be sure to pass your vote before Monday, October 8th for it to count.

With a projected start date of October 22nd, our Halloween Special Mission is not far away. Which idea will you vote for? Head to Shadow Fleet now to vote and let your voice be heard!

September Competition Comes To An End

Ladies and gents, September has come to and an end and with it, so has the September competition. Are you excited to find out who won? Do you think it was you? Head over the forum discussion topic to find out!