October 14, 2012

Special Mission Sign Ups

Last week, you all voted for the idea you'd like to see become our next Special Mission. With less than one week left before launch, it's now time to sign yourself up for our Halloween Special!

It's the graveyard shift on the USS Dante. Having left starbase on its next mission of exploration, it's not long before a strange influence begins to take hold of the ship's systems. Shields fail, sensors go offline and the life support systems begin to fluctuate. As the senior staff jumps into action, it quickly becomes apparent that this new influence is in fact alive...and wants nothing less than to possess each and every person on the entire ship.

We've had Klingons. We've had Tribbles. Now, are you ready to take part in our scariest fleet mission yet? We're on the lookout to fill the following positions:

  • Chief of the Boat
  • Flight Control Officers
  • Security/Tactical Officers
  • Operations Officers
  • Engineering Officers
  • Science Officers
  • Medical Officers
  • Additional Star Fleet crewmen (all departments)

Sign up in the discussion topic on Shadow Fleet with your preferred and second preferred positions before this Friday, October 19th, when we'll also announce the two officers who have been selected to run this fleet-wide event as the Commanding Officer and First Officer respectively.

With only seven days left, are you ready for our next Special Mission?

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