September 4, 2013

New Command (ADMIN) Position Promotion

Ladies and Gentlemen of Shadow Fleet,

It is our pleasure to announce the promotion of a Long-Term player to the rank of Command Master Chief Petty Officer.

Shelaf Greegy will be given the most senior Enlisted rank in Task Group Alpha.

Shelaf Greegy has been with Shadow Fleet for coming up on 7 years now. He has always been a valuable member of the Fleet even during busy periods of his life. He advanced highly on the Enlisted Ladder before creating a second character, Connor Price. Shelaf was the Chief of the Boat on the USS Discovery for a long time. He is a exemplary member, and is always willing to help with Administration issues when they crop up.

Rear Admiral John Brown has this to say:

"He has been a long serving member of Shadow Fleet and with all the hard work and service to this Fleet, we now decided to give him this postion to help the Fleet."
Shelaf is hereby elevated to the rank of Command Master Chief Petty Officer and removed from his current ship duty.

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