August 31, 2013

Announcing "Spread The Word" 2013! PART 2

As one of the biggest events in the Shadow Fleet calendar, our "Spread The Word!" Campaign is back for a second round this year.

"Spread The Word!" is all about us - the members - going out onto the internet and literally "spreading the word" about Shadow Fleet. This could be in the form of a link submission to a website, a Facebook status update, a twitter post, a post on another forum or blog, or even by putting up posters in your local area...the list is endless!

The aim is to increase the fleet's online presence which, in turn, will help us to gain new members. And you know what new members mean? That's right, more members equals more ships, and more ships equals more promotions all round! With over forty players regularly posting on the forums, even a minor contribution from of each of us could help enormously.

This official "Spread The Word!" Campaign will take place from September 1st - 30th and is an excellent opportunity to show your support for the rest of the fleet. And as an added reward, all participants will receive the coveted "Spread The Word!" Campaign ribbon to proudly display in their forum profile!

So get your thinking caps on and tell us, what will you do to "Spread The Word" in 2013?

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