August 1, 2013

Post of the Month--July 2013

This month, the post of the month goes to CoB Sukal. Please join us in congratulating him.

[Briefing Room]

Sukal's face was one of contemplation as the rest left the room after Commander T'Ra had given her solution to the Chief Engineer's thoughts.  It was still difficult to think of Lance as the CEO instead of the Captain, but his new CO was Captain Price and that was that.  For his first briefing to give, Sukal thought he hadn't done a bad job, but certainly not as good as it should have been.  His former CO had brought up some good points, and then the new helmsman had given his own briefing of the situation.  That he had not covered all his bases in his new role as the CotB made Sukal frown a bit.

'It comes with practice,' he thought to himself with a slight sigh and looked out the observation window that showed Miranda's moon coming in to view.  For just a moment, he thought about his recent discovery about who his Imzadi was:  Anara McKnight, now a nurse on the CHURCHILL.  He closed his eyes, and then for a moment saw her resting in Sickbay after what seemed a long day.

~Anara....beautiful Anara.  I need to find some time to talk to you,~ he thought with a slight smile.
 ~Who are you?~ She called out. There was only that soft whispering.

Still... She had to try.

~Please tell me who you are.~ She called out once again.  Nothing but that whispering this time a little louder.

Jumbled words some which she couldn't grab. Her heart raced and an odd tingling overwhelmed her chest. As if her very soul was trying to rip itself out of her.

*Why iis this happening?* She thought.

Suddenly, the whispering got softer but it wasn't the jumble that caught her attention, it was the voice she heard. The very voice which made her concentrate harder on it.

The very sound of Sukal's voice.

*Oh God.... Sukal...* She thought feeling that ripped feeling once again.

Suddenly, as if out of no where, came an image of his face. She hadn't seen him in a long while, however, upon seeing this image, it felt instantly familiar and comfortable.

"Sukal.... Please.... talk to me...." She cried out. The image was about to speak when Anara jolted awake.

Her voice resonated in his his very being...far more powerful than anything he had ever experienced to date.  He was just about to speak to her...if indeed it was her and not some figment of his imagination...when the connection was abruptly cut off.  She felt so far away...not just far away as in distance, but Time as well.  Confused, Sukal's eyes opened to narrowed slits with his brow wrinkled in concentration.  Something was wrong on the CHURCHILL, but what...?  With their mission to Miranda rapidly approaching...there was little the GETTYSBURG could do if the CHURCHILL was in trouble, but the compulsion to help was strong.

'Duty must come first for now.  Still, it wouldn't hurt to have someone check on the CHURCHILL's status," he decided, and then glanced at his Ko-kai.

"Well, this is going to be interesting," he stated.  "I certainly could have been better prepared for that."

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