August 16, 2013

New Admirality Position

Today we are pleased to announce that Rear Admiral Reece Thompson, currently head of Task Group Alpha is hereby being promoted to Vice Admiral and effectively in charge of Task Force 10 and Fleet Executive Officer. This comes after Admiral Thompson dedication to the simms and forums over the his career on several simms and becoming Task Group Commander several months ago.

The second promotion that will be occurring is the now vacant position of Task Group Alpha Commander. As we currently have a Task Group Executive Officer in place for this situation, as of today, Captain John Brown is being promoted to the rank grade of Rear Admiral (Lower Half) and taking over as Task Group Alpha Commanding Officer.

Admiral Brown has a very long service history with the fleet which stretches back to before the fleet reformation into Shadow Fleet. Please congratulate both Admiral Brown and Thompson's promotion.

With this promotion, comes the official Shadow Fleet Reorganization.

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