May 30, 2013

Newest Player - Ezac

We are delighted to welcome another new player to the fleet.

Please welcome Crewman Recruit Ezac who will be joining the USS Gibson as a Security/Tactical Crewman.

May 28, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Comes To An End

After nearly a full month of posting, our Star Trek Into Darkness celebratory tie-in mission has now officially come to an end.

Our official Special Mission was an excellent opportunity for everyone in the forum to come together as part of an unusual and exciting storyline. All in all, we are excited to report that the Lost Paradise saw nearly five hundred new posts submitted to the boards, not including mission-related discussions which is a tremendous achievement from everyone involved.

The Shadow Fleet Admiralty would like to extend a thank you to both Luke Stafford and Jon Tulley for organizing and running the Special Mission throughout May and ensuring fun was to be had by all.

Speaking of the opportunity, Luke said;
"It's truly indicative of the talent and dedication we have throughout the Fleet that this mission came off so smoothly. It was a joy!"
While Tulley commented;
"Much like having a child, this special mission was born from the mind of Luke and myself. From a twinkle in the eye to its first tentative steps in the real world, the mission was a labour of love for both of us. We had our ups and downs but ultimately, I feel our baby developed into a mission Shadow Fleet can be proud of."
Furthermore, as a thank you to all the players involved in this fantastic mission, we can also announce that the following will receive the Star Trek: Lost Paradise Special Mission Ribbon to proudly display in their forum profile: Luke Stafford, Jon Tulley, Archangel T'Koris, Alexander Wu, Kirok, Caelene Tam, Mike Anderson, Kylik Roth, John Harriman, Ser Conley, T'Ra Jones, John Brown, Safefta Pardek, Anara McKnight, Michael Tritter, Tanibak, Sukal, Tiberius Howard, Revek Tre'el.

And as we round of the month that is May and the excitement it has contained, we would invite you all to comment on the official discussion topic with your most memorable moments of the Special Mission along with any feedback you may have, good or bad so that we can make the next time just as good, if not better.

A very big thank you and congratulations to all those involved for making our latest Special Mission such a good one!

May 27, 2013

USS Churchill Two Year Celebration

Shadow Fleet's first Intrepid-class vessel will be celebrating it's second birthday soon and we're inviting everyone to be a part of it!

June 6th, 2013 will see the two year anniversary of the USS Churchill, the first and currently only Intrepid-class vessel in Shadow Fleet. To mark the occasion, the Churchill will be opening its airlocks to members of the fleet to come and join in the celebrations.

Read the following message from Churchill Commanding Officer John Brown:

"As Commanding Officer of the USS Churchill, I would like to invite the officers and crew of each vessel in the fleet to join the officers and crew of our ship in the first ever Churchill Day celebrations. See you all there!" -Commander John Brown
 If you would like to attend the first ever "Churchill Day" as it is being affectionately called, simply turn up on June 6th and join in the celebrations!

May 26, 2013

Newest Player - Servoc

We are delighted to welcome a new player to the fleet.

Crewman Recruit Servoc will be joining the crew of the USS Churchill as their newest Science Crewman.

Please give him a warm welcome.

Newest Player - Corbin Langar

We are delighted to welcome a new player to the fleet.

Crewman Recruit Corbin Langar will be joining the USS Discovery as an Engineering Crewman.

Please give him a warm welcome.

May 24, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (16)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Kylik Roth. Gas has been released into Engineering. How long before it works? Stay tuned.
It was a plan. He couldn't say it was a good plan. Heck, he was pretty sure there were any number of officers on the [I]Lexington[/I] that could poke it full of holes. But they were here, and he was, and he would see the job done.

Within moments, the gas canisters arrived. After they were loaded into the vent, the release was activated. All they had to do further was wait.

=/\=[B]"Roth to the bridge. The gas has been released. Waiting for your go."[/B]=/\=

[B]"How are we looking on that door, Ensign?"[/B] Kylik asked, hoping that Tam had found them a way in.

Memorial Day Fleet Banner

 Shadow Fleet rolls out another new banner in honor of Memorial Day weekend in the U.S.

May 22, 2013

Resignation of Captain Lance Krol

It is our unfortunate duty to announce the departure of one of our most senior Command Level Officers from the fleet.

It is with a heavy heart that the fleet admiralty has had to accept the resignation of Captain Lance Krol from his position as Commanding Officer of the USS Gettysburg.

Captain Krol joined Shadow Fleet as an Ensign in May 2011 and quickly made an impact on the fleet and its members. Jumping into the role-playing, he quickly showed an aptitude for producing high quality posts which earned him the respect of his Commanding Officer on the Discovery. By November that year, Lance had achieved the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and earned a transfer to the USS Churchill as their Chief Engineer.

Over the next twelve months, Lance continued his successful advancements through the rank structure attaining the ranks of Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander by May 2012. During his time on the Churchill he was also selected to take the Command Officer Training Course which he completed shortly afterward. By August 2012, Lance had earned the rank of Commander and was appointed the Commanding Officer of the USS Churchill, a position which he excelled in until his transfer to the USS Gettysburg in February of this year.

After a successful two and half years with the fleet, we are very sad to see him go but we would like to encourage all of our members, past and present, to bid Captain Krol goodbye and good luck.

A replacement commander for the USS Gettysburg will be announcement in due course.

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (15)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Kirok. Is Dalton Kampf's plan really to block out the Earth's sun? Stay tuned.
KC turned to the his commanding officer and offered a nod.  The urgency of the situation was very clear to the Betazed/Vulcan and he didn't waste time.   He put sacred akai on the floor beside him and placed his free hand on the clone's face.

KC brutally pushed his consciousness further into the clone's mind.  The clone spasmed once again in an attempt to resist, but finally gave in.  A moment or two of silence past by and then KC gasped.  "Into Darkness!" he warned.

KC's breathing increased rapidly as he psychically digested the horrible images in the clone's mind which revealed the plans Kampf had for Earth.  KC finally pulled one hand away from the clone and looked at the Captain.  "If Earth is to survive, we must stop those ship" he said dramatically.

"Kampf has designed an agent which will be released into Earth's atmosphere.  It will block out the effect of the sun, throwing Earth temporarily into darkness.  Just long enough to kill of the Human population" he said.

May 20, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (14)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Jon Tulley. Tulley's clone has been beamed aboard. How long before the crew of the Lexington realizes he's an imposter? Stay tuned.
[Conference Room - USS Lexington]
The white swirling glow formed in the conference room, materializing one Commander Tulley. He looked slightly worse for wear with a few minor scrapes and bruises, he smiled at Luke.

"Miss me?"

Jon brushed himself off.

"I managed to slip away by distracting one of Dalton's guards. The details aren't important, what is important is the mans got a whole army of clones down there! He went off on some rant about teaching the Federation respect and having them come to heel. He's mad Luke, we have to stop him."

Also, courtesy of Jon Tulley, take a look at the intelligence file on Dalton Kampf, the main villain of the special mission.

May 19, 2013

Newest Player - Klaus Vogel

We are delighted to welcome another new player to the fleet.

Crewman Recruit Klaus Vogel will be joining the crew of the USS Gibson as a Science Crewman.

Please give him a warm welcome.

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (13)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Mike Anderson. Is the crew of the Lexington going to have to deal with clones now?
Mike sat back in his chair, with a light frown, that hadn't occurred to him. "Are you suggesting they're Clones Sir?"  Observing the image once again, he raised his eyebrows. "Well that's interesting, but who has bred them?"

May 18, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Quote of the Day (12)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Luke Stafford. The away team, with the exception of Mr. Tulley, has returned to the Lexington. But it seems like another adventure still awaits them. Stay tuned.
"=/\=Take some rest and refreshment, Roth. I have a feeling we're not done with the X-90s quite yet.=/\="

May 17, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (11)

Have you been following the special mission? Commander Tulley has been captured, killed, and replaced by a clone! What's next? Stay tuned.
Standing next to Dalton, was an identical copy of Commander Jon Tulley. The appearance and clothing were a perfect match, his voice had been digitally altered to sound the same. Dalton smiled.

"Your ship may present a problem to my plans being in orbit of my planet as it is. I believe my clone here can take care of it in a most efficient manner."

The real Tulley moaned and rocked against his restraints. Dalton ramped up the device to full power and let the lightning discharge through the needles directly into the commanders brain, killing him instantly. He turned to his clone.

May 15, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (10)

We've reached the half-way point of our special month celebrating the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. Are you following our Special Mission? If not, please take a look. And today's excerpt is brought to you by Jon Tulley. At last, the away team has landed. What's in store for them? Stay tuned.
[Corsair B]

Jon released all seat restraints from his command console. Situated nearest to the hatch, Jon was up and out first. He had his rifle raised and was aiming down the sights scanning for any threat. The beauty of Corsair was a sight to behold, the deep blue sky with a majestic mountain range reaching up to meet it. Jon looked over his shoulder to the rest of the away team who were disembarking.

"You have your assignments, proceed with the mission."

Jon lowered his rifle and flicked open his communicator.

=^= "Captain, we have made landfall and are about to secure the facility. All clear so far." =^=

May 14, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (9)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Kylik Roth. The away mission has already taken an unexpected turn, as the shuttles enter the planet's atmosphere. Is there anyone alive below? Stay tuned.
=/\="Comet 2, there's nothing on these images you're sending me."=/\=

=/\="Blanks, sir?"=/\= they answered.

=/\="No. Nothing alive. I don't see any people, any wildlife or any sign of power. Heck, it doesn't even look like anyone's lived in that complex in years. We’re supposed to be looking at a battle scene?"=/\=

=/\="Yes sir, we saw that too. We're doing a second pass now, but everything is quiet here."=/\=

The Rutian didn't like this. He supposed it was possible that they were simply too late, that the animals had simply dragged off all of the scientists. Still, he expected to be able to see at least some kind of aftermath of the conflict as the occupants of the facility fought to survive.
 "Commander Tulley," Kylik called to the back of the shuttle. "Preliminary scans don't show anything going on in the complex. I'm sending Comet 2's report to the panel next to you. Instructions?"
He could already see the complex ahead of them, and they were descending fast. They would be over the complex within a minute if they continued.

Star Trek Into Darkness - Spoilers

Still haven't seen the new movie? Too excited to wait? Here are some spoilers if you would like to watch.

May 12, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (8)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Tanibak, one of Shadow Fleet's newest members. The crew of the Lexington prepares for another away mission. What will the outcome be? Stay tuned.
Tanibak had been busy going over some of the munitions stores when his superior commed him. Since things were getting tense, it always paid to keep up on what you have in your inventory, rather than not know until you need something and find out you don't have it. He quickly tapped his badge and replied =/\=On my way to join Ensign Pardek, Commander. Tanibak out =/\= It was only logical to follow orders, and besides, having Vulcans on the away team would be a decided advantage against whatever they may have to face, after all, this crew had never truly had an easy time of things.

Star Trek Into Darkness - Cast Interview

Take a look at this in depth interview with Pine, Quinto, Cumberbatch, Saldana, Pegg, Urban, Eve, and Abrams.

New Player - Tanibak

We are delighted to welcome a new player to the fleet.

Crewman Recruit Tanibak will be joining the USS Discovery as a Security/Tactical Crewman.

Please give him a warm welcome.

May 11, 2013

May 10, 2013

Newest Player- Schalbrin Genkala

We are delighted to welcome another new player to the fleet.

Crewman Recruit Schalbrin Genkala will be joining the fleet as a Medical Crewman attached to the USS Discovery.

Please give her a very warm welcome!

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (7)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Archangel T'Koris. The interrogation of the prisoner is complete, but will there be more divided loyalties? Stay tuned.
After a few more moments, Archangel stood up, tapping her access code into the forcefield controls and leaving the cell.  As soon as she was out of sight of the prisoner, she sank down to sit on the floor, trembling, her back against the wall and her head in her hands.  Taking a deep, shaky breath, she raked her fingers through her hair.  She stayed there for a minute, trying to calm herself down.  She felt as if her heart was going to beat itself right out of her ribcage. 

With what seemed to be a great effort, she pulled herself to her feet, making her way over to the comm panel on the wall. 
=/\=Ensign T'Koris to Commander Hearn.  I've finished interrogating the Romulan, sir.  I can present you with a report at your convenience.=/\=  As she waited for a reply, Archangel looked over at Safefta with a slightly puzzled expression.
"How can you not be affected by all this?" she asked.  "By what we had to do to our own kind?"

Newest Player - Jack Bishop

We are delighted to announce that a new player has joined the fleet.

Crewman Recruit Jack Bishop will be joining the USS Gettysburg as a Flight Control Crewman.

Please give him a very warm welcome!

Star Trek Into Darkness - Chris Pine Interview

Want to read one of the latest interviews for Chris Pine, the actor who plays Kirk? You can, courtesy of

May 9, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (6)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Luke Stafford. The crew of the Lexington still don't know what to expect when they beam down, but as a precaution, the captain orders for at least one member from each department to be present. Will this be enough? Stay tuned.
"Dr. Wu," The captain favored the man with his watered down smile. "Your team will also shoulder the lion's share on the away team. Prepare sickbay for casualties and give me two on the away team. As far as our new Romulan squatters and our guest here on the Lexington goes, we will deal with them when we have a spare moment." Something tells me we won't have many.

Stafford took the other department heads in with his next order. "Everyone else, assign one person to the away team. There may be damage across the board down there. Flight Control pilots the shuttle, and communications stays here to raise Crobe and research more on him and his lab, respectively."

After the long brief there was silence, Stafford giving each of the men a few moments to collect their thoughts and reply.

Star Trek Into Darkness - JJ Vision

Take a look at this new video, in which JJ Abrams discusses his vision for the upcoming movie.

May 8, 2013

Shadow Fleet Returns To The Official Star Trek Las Vegas Convention!

For those of you around last August, you'll remember our first-hand coverage of the Official Star Trek Las Vegas Convention in Nevada, USA. The time has now come to excitedly announce that Shadow Fleet will be back in Las Vegas for a second year running! But that's not all...

In addition to a comprehensive Facebook and Twitter coverage of all four days, this year we're going all out with our very own table dedicated to the fleet, its players and our creativity!

As part of the planned setup, we're looking for contributions from any and all players, new and old to showcase how fantastic a community effort this fleet really is. Are you an artist at heart? Do you like to put pen to paper? Perhaps your skills include model making or graphic design? Wherever your interest lies, we want to hear from you!

To help us make our promotional table truly special, let us know how you can contribute by emailing today. And if you have any suggestions or ideas for our upcoming convention appearance this August, don't hesitate to post them in the comments below!

It's an exciting time as we prepare for what is one of the biggest Star Trek events this year. Will you be part of it?

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (5)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Archangel T'Koris. The crew of the Lexington has captured a Romulan, who is now a prisoner in the Lexington's brig. And, with Archangel's similar physiology, perhaps she can coax some information out of the prisoner. Will she succeed? Stay tuned.
After laying the prisoner on the bunk in the cell, Archangel turned, preparing to leave the brig.  She paused.  Without her uniform and with their physical resemblances, maybe there was a chance that she would appear to also be a captive.  She placed her hand phaser on the console, nodding the the officer on duty before taking a stool and placing it a few metres away from the bunk but still within the cell.  As she took a seat, she heard the familiar sound of the forcefield being activated, locking both captive and Starfleet officer inside.  Archangel took a deep breath, crossing her legs and settling in to wait for the prisoner to recover from the stun blast.

Star Trek Into Darkness - Alice Eve Interview

Alice Eve talks about playing Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness. Read it at

May 7, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (4)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Archangel T'Koris. Firefight on the station! And T'Koris is caught right in the middle so to speak. What's going to happen next? Stay tuned.
Archangel spun around as the away team charged in as planned, ducking away from the line of fire, unwilling to be caught on the wrong side of a stun blast.  As she turned to stand alongside her shipmates, she found herself confronted by a dilemma, torn between her loyalties.  Her hand strayed up to touch the two bone ridges on her forehead, mirrors of the enemy.  She had been born in the Federation to a human woman, raised there.  She owed the Federation.  But she was also half-Romulan.  She owed them her loyalty as well.

She raised her phaser, aiming for one of the Romulans, but couldn't pull the trigger.  Despite the oppressive weight of her duty to the ship and the fleet that felt as if it was crushing her, the rigorous training she had been through to shoot without question, she couldn't.  Her phaser hand shook as tears welled up in her eyes.  The careful web of rules that she had built up around herself was coming crashing down.

New Short Story by Archangel T'Koris

A new short story called "The Tribble Voyages" by Lieutenant Archangel T'Koris has been uploaded to the "articles" section. Take a look!

Star Trek Into Darkness - Spoiler Free Review

Have you read's spoiler free review of Star Trek Into Darkness?

May 6, 2013

Conclusion of Enlisted Training Course Consultation

Following a three-week consultation, we are pleased to announce the results of the New Enlisted Training Course proposal.

The proposal as set forth by Ensign Jon Tulley and Petty Officer Third Class Luke Stafford recommended Shadow Fleet implement a new training course for new enlisted players upon joining the fleet. Originally a compulsory course designed to assess a player's posting ability and provide points for improvement, the idea evolved into a voluntary scheme that new players could enroll in if they so desired.

Having weighed the pros and cons of this idea along with the comments made by members during the consultation, the Shadow Fleet Admiralty have come to the decision not to implement this policy for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we believe that implementing a new training course such as this, voluntary or otherwise, would go against the very nature of joining as an enlisted crewman and getting involved in the posting straight away. Furthermore, we do not expect all players to be perfect posters when they first join and their initial joining period up to the rates of Senior Crewman is intended to provide them with this experience. Finally, we believe this kind of training course would go against the role of each SIMM's Chief of the Boat, a position which in its very nature is responsible for the training and welfare of all enlisted players.

Though we have decided not to implement the idea in full, the Admiralty have agreed to recommend the creation of official "welcoming" topics in each starship SIMM following the success of such an idea on the USS Gibson. While this is not compulsory, all Commanding Officers have been encouraged to take the idea on for the benefit of new players.

We would like to thank Jon and Luke for presenting their idea to us along with each and every one of you who put forward your comments in support or against it.

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (3)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Jon Tulley, XO of the special mission. The plot thickens... and the away team is beaming right onto the station. Will they survive? Stay tuned.
Jon weighed his options. They could fire on the station and eliminate the threat completely, the station was in a bad state of disrepair anyway. A second option would be to try and capture one of the Romulans for Starfleet intelligence, they would greatly appreciate such an act. The third option was to simply contact Starfleet for extra detachments of security personnel. The fourth was to try and negotiate. However, since they just cut off negotiations this was no longer viable.
Returning to a seated position, Jon activated the communications interface directly to transporter room 1. Which was right now slowly filling up with the assembled away team.
=^= "Captain be advised, we have further information. The group can be considered hostile and are unwilling to negotiate. I am standing down the other away teams, intelligence would love to get their hands on one of Nero's crew. I recommend you beam over to junction 7-A, which is close to a small concentration of Romulans. A distraction would be advisable. We will be ready to beam you out at a moments notice. Good luck." =^=

Star Trek Into Darkness - London Premiere talks with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman at the London premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, revealing how fan input influenced the new movie. Take a look for yourself here.

May 5, 2013

Cinco De Mayo Shadow Fleet Banner

Did you get a good luck at Shadow Fleet's special Cinco de Mayo banner? What did you think? Tell us your thoughts in the official discussion topic for yesterday's "May the Fourth Be With You" special banner.

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (2)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Ser Conley. Are there really life signs aboard the abandoned station? Is there a connection to Nero's ship? Stay tuned!
"The power source is disrupting my reading, but I'd say thirty to forty life signs.  I can't tell the species." Conley checked his reading again "The power their using is strange.  It's like nothing I've seen.  I'm running a comparison now."  It took a couple of seconds to run it through the database, but when it came back, Conley started.  "Sir, the closest thing we have in the database is the ship that attacked earth a year ago."

May 4, 2013

May the 4th Be With You

It's May 4th and in case you haven't noticed it's cause for another special forum logo!

That's right, for those of you who didn't already know, May 4th is Star Wars Day! And to celebrate our sci-fi rivalry, we've created a very special and unique logo featuring Star Wars style fonts along with the Death Star and an X-Wing to boot!

We're eager to hear your thoughts on our latest celebratory logo, so feel free to post in the comments in official discussion topic along with any suggestions for future logo designs. And remember, May the 4th be with you...always!

Star Trek Into Darkness - "Keep Going Scotty" Clip

Everything's going sideways! Can Scotty hold on?

May 3, 2013

Newest Players

We are delighted to welcome two new players to the fleet. Crewman Recruit Caelene Tam, a joined Trill with years of experience in role-playing, will be joining the crew of the USS Gettysburg as an Engineering Crewman. Crewman Recruit Warren Norris will be joining the crew of the USS Gibson as a Security/Tactical Crewman.

Please give them both a warm welcome!

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (1)

Shadow Fleet's newest special mission is already off to a smashing start! Have you had a chance to delve into the action yet? If not, here is today's quote of the day. This excerpt is brought to you by Luke Stafford, captain of the Lexington in this special mission.
"I will leave whatever preparations you feel are necessary up to you, Mr. Hearn. I will allow you all a fairly free hand," Stafford turned to take in the other department heads with these words. "This assignment was given to us in order to test all of us...myself included. Starfleet wants to see what the Lexington can do, so let us show them." The words hung heavy in the air. His tone was neutral and flat, and the rangy Earth accent was the only flourish to his voice. It was plain that he intended to see what the men gathered before him could do, as well.
The captain took in his chief engineer with a glance. "Mr. Sukal, I'm afraid Heimdall Station had already fallen largely into disrepair even before it was vacated. You will have your work cut out for your more than the others, I'm afraid."
Looks like the crew of the Lexington  really has their work cut out for them. Will they succeed, and what kind of troubles will they run into along the way? Stay tuned to find out.

Star Trek Into Darkness - Berlin Premiere

It's all glitz and glamour at the Berlin premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness. Check out the spectacular photos at

May 1, 2013

New Player - Sebastian Sinclair

We are delighted to welcome a new player to the fleet.

Crewman Recruit Sebastian Sinclair will be joining the crew of the USS [i]Gettysburg[/i] as an Engineering Crewman. Sinclair is another recruit of our very own Mike Anderson so please give him a warm welcome!

Star Trek: Lost Paradise Launches!

Star Trek: Lost Paradise, our biggest and most anticipated Special Mission has now launched!

The first such mission set entirely in JJ Abrams' Star Trek (2009) universe, Star Trek: Lost Paradise follows the adventures of the Constitution-class USS Lexington and its crew as they unravel a centuries-old mystery on a lost planet in the far-flung reaches of space.

As a Special tie-in to the upcoming movie Star Trek Into Darkness, we'll also be posting up-to-date news and features to do with the new movie and more right up until its world-wide release on May 15th!

For those who registered, you can jump right into the action aboard the Lexington now by heading along to the official Special Mission topic.

For everyone else, feel free to read along as the story unfolds or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and here on Blogger for full coverage as we enter the month of May!

So in the words of Captain James T. Kirk..."Sounds like fun!"

Star Trek Into Darkness - New TV Spot

Take a look at the brand new Star Trek Into Darkness TV spot to run this week in the US.