May 15, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (10)

We've reached the half-way point of our special month celebrating the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. Are you following our Special Mission? If not, please take a look. And today's excerpt is brought to you by Jon Tulley. At last, the away team has landed. What's in store for them? Stay tuned.
[Corsair B]

Jon released all seat restraints from his command console. Situated nearest to the hatch, Jon was up and out first. He had his rifle raised and was aiming down the sights scanning for any threat. The beauty of Corsair was a sight to behold, the deep blue sky with a majestic mountain range reaching up to meet it. Jon looked over his shoulder to the rest of the away team who were disembarking.

"You have your assignments, proceed with the mission."

Jon lowered his rifle and flicked open his communicator.

=^= "Captain, we have made landfall and are about to secure the facility. All clear so far." =^=

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