May 22, 2013

Resignation of Captain Lance Krol

It is our unfortunate duty to announce the departure of one of our most senior Command Level Officers from the fleet.

It is with a heavy heart that the fleet admiralty has had to accept the resignation of Captain Lance Krol from his position as Commanding Officer of the USS Gettysburg.

Captain Krol joined Shadow Fleet as an Ensign in May 2011 and quickly made an impact on the fleet and its members. Jumping into the role-playing, he quickly showed an aptitude for producing high quality posts which earned him the respect of his Commanding Officer on the Discovery. By November that year, Lance had achieved the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and earned a transfer to the USS Churchill as their Chief Engineer.

Over the next twelve months, Lance continued his successful advancements through the rank structure attaining the ranks of Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander by May 2012. During his time on the Churchill he was also selected to take the Command Officer Training Course which he completed shortly afterward. By August 2012, Lance had earned the rank of Commander and was appointed the Commanding Officer of the USS Churchill, a position which he excelled in until his transfer to the USS Gettysburg in February of this year.

After a successful two and half years with the fleet, we are very sad to see him go but we would like to encourage all of our members, past and present, to bid Captain Krol goodbye and good luck.

A replacement commander for the USS Gettysburg will be announcement in due course.

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