May 22, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (15)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Kirok. Is Dalton Kampf's plan really to block out the Earth's sun? Stay tuned.
KC turned to the his commanding officer and offered a nod.  The urgency of the situation was very clear to the Betazed/Vulcan and he didn't waste time.   He put sacred akai on the floor beside him and placed his free hand on the clone's face.

KC brutally pushed his consciousness further into the clone's mind.  The clone spasmed once again in an attempt to resist, but finally gave in.  A moment or two of silence past by and then KC gasped.  "Into Darkness!" he warned.

KC's breathing increased rapidly as he psychically digested the horrible images in the clone's mind which revealed the plans Kampf had for Earth.  KC finally pulled one hand away from the clone and looked at the Captain.  "If Earth is to survive, we must stop those ship" he said dramatically.

"Kampf has designed an agent which will be released into Earth's atmosphere.  It will block out the effect of the sun, throwing Earth temporarily into darkness.  Just long enough to kill of the Human population" he said.

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