May 24, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (16)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Kylik Roth. Gas has been released into Engineering. How long before it works? Stay tuned.
It was a plan. He couldn't say it was a good plan. Heck, he was pretty sure there were any number of officers on the [I]Lexington[/I] that could poke it full of holes. But they were here, and he was, and he would see the job done.

Within moments, the gas canisters arrived. After they were loaded into the vent, the release was activated. All they had to do further was wait.

=/\=[B]"Roth to the bridge. The gas has been released. Waiting for your go."[/B]=/\=

[B]"How are we looking on that door, Ensign?"[/B] Kylik asked, hoping that Tam had found them a way in.

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