May 3, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (1)

Shadow Fleet's newest special mission is already off to a smashing start! Have you had a chance to delve into the action yet? If not, here is today's quote of the day. This excerpt is brought to you by Luke Stafford, captain of the Lexington in this special mission.
"I will leave whatever preparations you feel are necessary up to you, Mr. Hearn. I will allow you all a fairly free hand," Stafford turned to take in the other department heads with these words. "This assignment was given to us in order to test all of us...myself included. Starfleet wants to see what the Lexington can do, so let us show them." The words hung heavy in the air. His tone was neutral and flat, and the rangy Earth accent was the only flourish to his voice. It was plain that he intended to see what the men gathered before him could do, as well.
The captain took in his chief engineer with a glance. "Mr. Sukal, I'm afraid Heimdall Station had already fallen largely into disrepair even before it was vacated. You will have your work cut out for your more than the others, I'm afraid."
Looks like the crew of the Lexington  really has their work cut out for them. Will they succeed, and what kind of troubles will they run into along the way? Stay tuned to find out.

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