May 8, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (5)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Archangel T'Koris. The crew of the Lexington has captured a Romulan, who is now a prisoner in the Lexington's brig. And, with Archangel's similar physiology, perhaps she can coax some information out of the prisoner. Will she succeed? Stay tuned.
After laying the prisoner on the bunk in the cell, Archangel turned, preparing to leave the brig.  She paused.  Without her uniform and with their physical resemblances, maybe there was a chance that she would appear to also be a captive.  She placed her hand phaser on the console, nodding the the officer on duty before taking a stool and placing it a few metres away from the bunk but still within the cell.  As she took a seat, she heard the familiar sound of the forcefield being activated, locking both captive and Starfleet officer inside.  Archangel took a deep breath, crossing her legs and settling in to wait for the prisoner to recover from the stun blast.

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