May 20, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (14)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Jon Tulley. Tulley's clone has been beamed aboard. How long before the crew of the Lexington realizes he's an imposter? Stay tuned.
[Conference Room - USS Lexington]
The white swirling glow formed in the conference room, materializing one Commander Tulley. He looked slightly worse for wear with a few minor scrapes and bruises, he smiled at Luke.

"Miss me?"

Jon brushed himself off.

"I managed to slip away by distracting one of Dalton's guards. The details aren't important, what is important is the mans got a whole army of clones down there! He went off on some rant about teaching the Federation respect and having them come to heel. He's mad Luke, we have to stop him."

Also, courtesy of Jon Tulley, take a look at the intelligence file on Dalton Kampf, the main villain of the special mission.

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