May 28, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Comes To An End

After nearly a full month of posting, our Star Trek Into Darkness celebratory tie-in mission has now officially come to an end.

Our official Special Mission was an excellent opportunity for everyone in the forum to come together as part of an unusual and exciting storyline. All in all, we are excited to report that the Lost Paradise saw nearly five hundred new posts submitted to the boards, not including mission-related discussions which is a tremendous achievement from everyone involved.

The Shadow Fleet Admiralty would like to extend a thank you to both Luke Stafford and Jon Tulley for organizing and running the Special Mission throughout May and ensuring fun was to be had by all.

Speaking of the opportunity, Luke said;
"It's truly indicative of the talent and dedication we have throughout the Fleet that this mission came off so smoothly. It was a joy!"
While Tulley commented;
"Much like having a child, this special mission was born from the mind of Luke and myself. From a twinkle in the eye to its first tentative steps in the real world, the mission was a labour of love for both of us. We had our ups and downs but ultimately, I feel our baby developed into a mission Shadow Fleet can be proud of."
Furthermore, as a thank you to all the players involved in this fantastic mission, we can also announce that the following will receive the Star Trek: Lost Paradise Special Mission Ribbon to proudly display in their forum profile: Luke Stafford, Jon Tulley, Archangel T'Koris, Alexander Wu, Kirok, Caelene Tam, Mike Anderson, Kylik Roth, John Harriman, Ser Conley, T'Ra Jones, John Brown, Safefta Pardek, Anara McKnight, Michael Tritter, Tanibak, Sukal, Tiberius Howard, Revek Tre'el.

And as we round of the month that is May and the excitement it has contained, we would invite you all to comment on the official discussion topic with your most memorable moments of the Special Mission along with any feedback you may have, good or bad so that we can make the next time just as good, if not better.

A very big thank you and congratulations to all those involved for making our latest Special Mission such a good one!

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