May 6, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (3)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Jon Tulley, XO of the special mission. The plot thickens... and the away team is beaming right onto the station. Will they survive? Stay tuned.
Jon weighed his options. They could fire on the station and eliminate the threat completely, the station was in a bad state of disrepair anyway. A second option would be to try and capture one of the Romulans for Starfleet intelligence, they would greatly appreciate such an act. The third option was to simply contact Starfleet for extra detachments of security personnel. The fourth was to try and negotiate. However, since they just cut off negotiations this was no longer viable.
Returning to a seated position, Jon activated the communications interface directly to transporter room 1. Which was right now slowly filling up with the assembled away team.
=^= "Captain be advised, we have further information. The group can be considered hostile and are unwilling to negotiate. I am standing down the other away teams, intelligence would love to get their hands on one of Nero's crew. I recommend you beam over to junction 7-A, which is close to a small concentration of Romulans. A distraction would be advisable. We will be ready to beam you out at a moments notice. Good luck." =^=

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