May 9, 2013

Star Trek Lost Paradise Quote of the Day (6)

Today's excerpt is brought to you by Luke Stafford. The crew of the Lexington still don't know what to expect when they beam down, but as a precaution, the captain orders for at least one member from each department to be present. Will this be enough? Stay tuned.
"Dr. Wu," The captain favored the man with his watered down smile. "Your team will also shoulder the lion's share on the away team. Prepare sickbay for casualties and give me two on the away team. As far as our new Romulan squatters and our guest here on the Lexington goes, we will deal with them when we have a spare moment." Something tells me we won't have many.

Stafford took the other department heads in with his next order. "Everyone else, assign one person to the away team. There may be damage across the board down there. Flight Control pilots the shuttle, and communications stays here to raise Crobe and research more on him and his lab, respectively."

After the long brief there was silence, Stafford giving each of the men a few moments to collect their thoughts and reply.

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