July 24, 2013

Starbase Magellan Crew Roster Announced

Following on from our official announcement of the opening of our next SIMM, the SB Magellan, we are pleased to reveal the full crew roster of those who will be serving on her.

The Starbase Magellan will be Shadow Fleet's first CITADEL Class Starbase SIMM. The Magellan will act as the central starbase for all of Shadow Fleet, as well as house a brand new Civilian population, and act as a hub for all major Fleet operations. Commanding the first Starbase will be Fleet Admiral Chris Newberry. He will be assisted by Rear Admiral (LH) Reece Thompson.

The introduction of the Magellan will also bring in several new features to the Fleet, such as Freighters and Shops.

These will be explained in a later post. Take a look at the full crew roster listed below:

Commanding Officer: Ft. Adm. Chris Newberry
First Officer: R. Adm. Reece Thompson
Chief Security/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Richard Ransom 
Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Commander Archangel T'Koris
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant 'Doctor" Rennan Protheus
Truffles Bar and Grill: Civilian Owner Chris Truffles
Drydock Manager: Civilian Owner Kale Bridgson

Full instructions for those transferring to the Magellan will be made available in due course, but if you didn't get a place on our newest starbase, don't worry! There will be plenty of opportunities for transfer later on down the line.

The Magellan is due to open with her first mission entitled "Neues Welt Part 1" this August 1st.

Station Specification Teaser

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