October 31, 2012

Post of the Month--October 2012

Please congratulate Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Adolph Klein for writing October's Post of the Month! A well written and "very detailed post that sets the scene for our Halloween Special mission."

Captain's Log:

Stardate 66666.6

USS Dante, Adolph Klein commanding

We are on an exploratory mission in Beta Quadrant cataloging and mapping various planetary systems. Though it's been a long, tedious mission, I am proud to say that ship and crew have performed well. We are on course to system Hydra Epsilon 11, time of arrival expected to be early tomorrow morning during the night shift. Probes have indicated possible signs of life in the system and I am looking forward to us being the first Federation vessel to explore the system.

[Bridge, 1800 hours]

Having finished his customary daily log entry, Captain Adolph Klein exited his ready room and surveyed the bridge. The night shift would be taking over soon and already the levels of activity seemed to be subdued. Klein smiled softly as he made his way to the captain's chair, sitting down. The science and operations departments had been working overtime with all the sensor data they had collected in the past month. They already had enough new information to keep Starfleet Command happy for months as they digested it all.

The medical department had the chance to collect several new samples on a previous away mission, but there had been precious little for the engineering and security departments to do. The ship was working perfectly and the [i]Dante[/i] seemed to be the only vessel in the region at present.

"All stations, report." Klein called the customary command.

As he waited for the various departments to report what they were doing, in a fairly routine day as they were en route, he leaned over towards the Vulcan counselor sitting next to him.

"Counselor Kirok, how's crew morale?" Klein inquired, "I'm hoping we won't lose our edge and get complacent as routine as our assignments have been of late."

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