October 22, 2012

Halloween Special Mission Commences

Ladies and gents, our spooktacular special mission is finally underway!!! Look below for ranks and positions. 


Captain Adolph Klein as Commanding Officer
Commander Raymundo Salas as First Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer Safefta Pardek as Chief of the Boat


Commander Jonathan Sanchez as Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Archangel T'Koris as Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Kirok as Ship's Counselor
Lieutenant Commander Lance Krol as Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Shelaf Greegy as Chief Flight Control Officer
Lieutenant Saffir G'Tollikos as Chief Operations Officer


Lieutenant T'Ra Jones as Engineering Officer
Ensign John Harriman as Security/Tactical Officer
Ensign Tobias Masters as Medical Officer

Senior Chief Communications Specialist Alyssa Meadows as Operations Crewman
Chief Tactical Systems Technician John Brown as Security/Tactical Crewman
Chief Counseling Assistant Sukal as Assistant to the Ship's Counselor
Flight Controller First Class Rennan Protheus as Flight Control Crewman
Warp Core Specialist Third Class TLaina Mandlin as Engineering Crewman
Impulse Engines Specialist Apprentice Grace Masters as Engineering Crewman

It's the graveyard shift on the USS Dante. Having left starbase on its next mission of exploration, it's not long before a strange influence begins to take hold of the ship's systems. Shields fail, sensors go offline and the life support systems begin to fluctuate. As the senior staff jumps into action, it quickly becomes apparent that this new influence is in fact alive...and wants nothing less than to possess each and every person on the entire ship.

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