February 1, 2013

The Gettysburg Gets Underway

The Galaxy-class USS Gettysburg

February 1st has arrived which means only one thing; it's time for our newest SIMM to set sail!

That's right, the USS Gettysburg has now officially launched under the command of Captain Lance Krol, her mission to reignite the Star Trek ethos of exploration and discovery on the fringes of Federation space. With her first mission entitled "Unwritten Future", our newest addition to the fleet is set to be an exciting one!

But that's not all! With the launch of Gettysburg brings new changes within our fleet. We are pleased to announce the promotion of Reece Thompson to commander and his appointment as the Churchill's new Commanding Officer. Assisting him as First Officer will be Lieutenant Commander John Brown. Together, these two officers will ensure the high standards the Churchill has shown of late, are maintained as we go into February and beyond.

Join us in celebration by heading along to our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Blogger profile today and help us wish the Gettysburg a very successful maiden voyage!

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