February 18, 2013

Spotlight on Command - Tobias Masters

As we near the end of our "Spotlight on Command" feature series, we're moving on to interview those officers who work under our Commanding Officers, dishing out the work to the Department Heads and organizing the day-to-day running of each of our SIMMs: the First Officers.

In this interview, we're chatting with USS Gibson First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Tobias Masters, as he talks about his reasons for joining, why he likes Shadow Fleet so much and how being a First Officer in this fleet differs to others out there.

Tell us how you found Shadow Fleet.

I actually found Shadow Fleet while looking around on Startrek.com. Admiral Kawolsky messaged me with an invite.

Have you enjoyed your time in the fleet so far?

Definitely. I am and have been in several fleets now, and by far I enjoy this the most.

What would you say has been you most memorable moment?

Jumping the rail on the USS Gibson and slamming the Captain through the navigation controls. We had talked about it prior to happening, but it was still epic. We won't talk about what she did in response!

You rose through the ranks pretty quickly. Do you enjoy being a Command Level Officer or would you have preferred a little more time getting used to the lower ranks?

Well, when I joined the fleet I kind of got thrusted right into the thick of things. Reece [Thompson] was the Churchill's Security Chief but at the time was Acting First Officer so I got to play a green department head for a short time. I like the challenges it brings and enjoy the position.

How do you feel being a Command Level Officer in Shadow Fleet compares to other Star Trek RPGs out there?

It is definitely more challenging than in other fleets that I have been in, but challenging in a good way. Here once a person reaches command level it really feels earned and that I have a level of responsibility. In other fleets you just get a ship by asking for one and it really isn't earned.

If you were to take command of your own SIMM here in the fleet, would you do anything differently to the other SIMMs?

I don't rightly know how to answer this question. Each of us have our strong suites and weaknesses. I would hope to have an XO that complements my strengths and weaknesses so that we can mesh and have the best ship on the site.

Finally, if you could pick just one word to sum up your time in Shadow Fleet, what would it be?


As always, we'd like to thank Commander Masters for taking the time out to answer our questions. Keep you eyes locked on the news board for our next "Spotlight on Command", when we'll be talking with Gettysburg First Officer, Commander Connor Price.

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