February 17, 2013

Selection of New Member Orientation Officer

After receiving several applications for the position of New Member Orientation Officer, we are delighted to announce the person selected to join the fleet's support staff in this new role as well as those players who will be supporting him.

Though the position was advertised as a stand alone role, reporting to the Head of Media & Recruitment, the fleet admiralty have decided to expand this to include the appointment of two other representatives working directly below the New Member Orientation Officer, one from the United Kingdom and the other from the United States.

Heading up this new "mini-team", we are delighted to announce, will be Crewman Jon Tulley. Though Mr. Tulley has not been with the fleet long, he has already gone a long way in establishing himself as a dedicated player who always welcomes new members, providing help & support when needed. This, combined with his real-world experience of working in the recruitment field, makes him an excellent candidate for the role. We feel his new position is only an extension of what he is already doing within the fleet.

Supporting Crewman Tulley will be Petty Officer Third Class John Harriman (for the United States) and Senior Crewman Rennan Protheus (for the United Kingdom). Both players have been members of the fleet for some time now and are no stranger to its policies and procedures. Placed in different timezones, they are well served to offer help and advice to players from around the world.

Together, these three players will provide a complete "welcome" service to new players joining the fleet, advising on matters from how to complete their application to technical issues like changing their rank insignia. The New Member Orientation Officer will oversee the progress of new players in the fleet right up until they complete their one week probation period and are settled into their ship.

Please congratulate these players on their new secondary appointments.

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