February 23, 2013

Spotlight On Command - John Brown

Welcome to the final installment of "Spotlight on Command", our newest feature that interviews the fleet's Command Level Officers about their past experiences and more.

In our final interview, we're talking to one of the founding members of the fleet and USS Churchill First Officer, Lieutenant Commander John Brown, as he recalls the "good old days", his time posting on a multitude of different SIMMs and how he thinks Shadow Fleet compares to other RPGs.

You joined the fleet in the very early days. Has it changed much since back then?

The early days of the the fleet...Now that makes me feel old. I was 20 years old but I have grown along with the fleet. I have seen us develop from just a small group of fellow role-players to a large RPG with four SIMMs. Being a part of this makes me feel immensely proud. And all the hard work that people like John Kawolsky, Scott Bradley, Riley T. Munro and Chris O'Neill have put in over the years... All these people I have worked with closely, it has made my time here the best it can be.

Have any moments stuck out as being particularly memorable?

Well there were a few times that stood out. One of the times was when Scott Bradley got himself killed during a mission and then came back. That was also when Aaron boarded the Discovery...but the best one was when I crashed the USS Repulse into a planet! That has been a long-time running joke now; I'm only on to have crashed a ship into a planet!

Which SIMMs have you role-played on?

I've been lucky enough to have role-played on quite a few SIMMs; the CSS Tigerclaw, USS Port Royal, USS Discovery, DS Discovery, USS Churchill, USS Gettysburg, USS Dephia-B and USS Repluse - but not in that order.

Which was your favorite?

Well since I have served on almost every SIMM in Shadow Fleet's history, I would have to say the USS Churchill and USS Repulse are tied on that one.

What do you think has allowed Shadow Fleet to survive for as long as it has?

Well, I think the one thing that has helped Shadow Fleet survive for this long is the friendships it creates. This fleet creates the most long-lasting friendships I have seen anywhere and I for one and proud to be a part of it. Shadow Fleet is truly a family of players.

Moving on, do you enjoy the roles and responsibilities of being a First Officer?

I really enjoy the role of First Officer and what makes it more worth while is that I consider the current Commanding Officer of the Churchill a friend, which makes it doubly fun. Also, helping new players and other members of the ship's crew makes it that much more rewarding.

Would you say being a Command Level Officer in Shadow Fleet is harder than most other fleets?
Yes, I would say it is harder, but if it wasn't harder it wouldn't be as rewarding. In Shadow Fleet, you have to work for your position which is what I think makes our fleet unique.

Finally, if you could pick just one word to sum up your time in Shadow Fleet, what would it be?

Just plain awesome!

Thank you very much to John Brown for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope you have enjoyed our latest feature series and as much as we have enjoyed presenting it to you and hope that it has provided a glimpse into what life as a Command Level Officer in Shadow Fleet is truly like.

Though that's the end for "Spotlight on Command", for now...keep your eyes locked on the Fleet News Service for more exciting features coming soon!

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