April 21, 2013

Star Trek: Lost Paradise - Sign Up Now!

Following our recent announcement, we can now reveal more details about our most anticipated Special  Mission yet and how you can secure your place!

Responding to a distress call on the outskirts of Federation space, the crew of the USS Lexington are shocked to discover a brand new planet teeming with life. As the rescue party descends on what is a seemingly a tropical paradise, it doesn't take long for the crew to discover the true nature of this new-found world, and the secrets it holds within...

Star Trek: Lost Paradise is the first Shadow Fleet Special Mission to be set entirely in JJ Abrams alternate reality universe. Designed as a celebratory tie-into the upcoming movie Star Trek Into Darkness, our newest fleet-wide event is set to launch on May 1st!

Not only will the entire thing be set in an alternate reality with new ships, characters and weapons, but we'll also be making available for the first time, brand new alternate reality uniforms & rank insignia!

Want to be part of this exciting event? We're look looking for players to fill the following positions:
  • Flight Control Officers
  • Security/Tactical Officers
  • Operations Officers
  • Engineering Officers
  • Science Officers
  • Medical Officers
If you want to be a part of this fantastic new Special Mission, simply let us know by posting in the official discussion topic with your first and second preferred positions. The Commanding Officer and First Officer positions will be awarded separately by the Fleet Admiralty and announced in due course along with the complete crew roster.

Are you ready to jump into an alternate reality of role-playing?

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