April 7, 2013

"Spread the Word" Halfway Point

Ladies and gents, we are now a week into the glorious month of April. You know what that means? We are now at the halfway point of "Spread the Word 2013". Have you made an effort yet to recruit new members? If yes, don't forget to tell us on the "Spread the Word" forum topic. If not, it's not too late. There is still plenty of time to get the word out there.

Thanks to all the hard work so far, we have a new member, Crewman Recruit Kylik Roth (joined 2 April, 2013). Please don't forget to give him a warm hello. We also have many new and returning members on the Shadow Fleet pages on Twitter and Facebook. If you aren't one of them, feel free to check those pages out.

With one week left in "Spread the Word 2013," please keep up all the hard work. We look forward to seeing many more new members.

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