April 1, 2013

Spread the Word 2013!!!

Last month we announced this year's Spread The Word! Campaign. Now it's time to make it happen!

Spread the Word! is all about us - the members - going out onto the internet and literally "spreading the word" about Shadow Fleet. This could be in the form of a link submission to a website, a status update on a social networking site, a banner exchange with a popular website, a post on another forum or blog, or even by posters up through your local area...the list is endless!

From now until April 14th, our aim is to increase the fleet's presence on the internet so we can ultimately increase our member numbers. And you know what more numbers means! That's right. More members equals more ships. And more ships equals more promotions all round!

No matter what you choose to do for Spread the Word! 2013, let us know by posting your contributions on the official discussion topic. Remember, it can be anything at all. The smallest link on the most insignificant website can help us in ways you wouldn't think. And to top it all off, anyone who contributes to the Campaign in three ways will be awarded the Spread the Word! Ribbon to display in their forum profile.

So...have you spread the word yet?

Useful links & resources:

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