April 19, 2013

Is Your ID Card Up-To-Date?

As part of an internal fleet campaign to ensure all player materials are current, we're asking you, "is your ID card up-to-date?"

If you have recently changed position or increased in rank, be sure to check that your signature ID card has been updated. More often than not, we will update your ID card automatically but occasionally some people will slip through the net. It is for this reason that we're launching a full check for all players.

If your ID card does indeed need updating, simply send a private message to your Commanding Officer who will relay your request up the chain of the command for processing within three days.

If you need further help or advice relating to your ID card, see our help file or speak to your Department Head.

You have a right to an ID card in Shadow Fleet. Make sure it's up-to-date.

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