April 7, 2013

New Task Group Commander For The Fleet

We are excited to announce that a decision has been made to appoint a new Flag Officer Commanding for Task Group Alpha. In what is the first promotion of its kind for over two years, the Shadow Fleet Admiralty is proud to appoint Captain Reece Thompson to this prestigious position.

Captain Thompson joined Shadow Fleet in April 2009 as Ensign in the Security/Tactical department. Since that time, he has worked his way up the ranks eventually achieving a position as Department Head with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. After a short break away from the fleet, Thompson returned with a new-found enthusiasm which quickly won him a position as First Officer on the USS Discovery. Several months later, Thompson was promoted to Captain and transferred to the USS Churchill.

With his experience as both a poster and a Command Level Officer, we are confident Captain Thompson will take to his new role well. The promotion itself will take effect at the conclusion of the Churchill's current mission. Until that time, please congratulate Captain Thompson on his new administrative position in the fleet.

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