April 24, 2013

Get Ready For Star Trek: Lost Paradise!

With just seven days left until the launch of our most anticipated Special Mission event yet, it's time to announce the final preparations including the complete crew roster of the USS Lexington!

Responding to a distress call on the outskirts of Federation space, the crew of the USS Lexington are shocked to discover a brand new planet teeming with life. As the rescue party descends on what is a seemingly a tropical paradise, it doesn't take long for the crew to discover the true nature of this new-found world, and the secrets it holds within...

We are excited to announce the crew roster for our brand new Special Mission is as follows:

But it doesn't stop there as chosen to lead our largest Special Mission contingent yet will be our very own Luke Stafford and Jon Tulley as Commanding Officer and First/Chief Science Officer, respectively. Since joining us only a few months ago, both of these players have delved into the Shadow Fleet spirit, taking on secondary jobs without being asked and generally contributing to the overall success of our fleet. It is a delight to have these two running our next Special Mission and we're sure it will be a good one because of it.

And for those of you bursting to try on your new uniform, the official Star Trek: Lost Paradise avatars have now been uploaded for you to sample. Just be careful with those red shirts!

The countdown has begun with just seven days left until the big launch of our largest and most anticipated Special Mission yet! Are you ready to jump into the new Star Trek universe?

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