January 2, 2012

Start The Year On The Right TREK!

Well hello there! Interested in Star Trek Roleplaying? Well, of course you are or you wouldn't like this page. What about a Star Trek SIMM that also doubles as a social network site where the community of writers is more interconnected than any other SIMM out there? What about a SIMM that is about to publish a book for its 5th Year Anniversary?

If that sounds interesting to you, then come over and take a look at Shadowfleet! While there, feel free to post an application. Both ships, The Discovery, an Akira-Class Starship, and the Churchill, an Intrepid Class Starship, are both looking to fill several positions, especially in the Operations Department.

If you are interested, here is a link to our forum. Shadow Fleet. We hope to see you soon!

Lt. Alyssa Meadows
Chief Medical Officer
USS Discovery-A

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