September 27, 2011

Shadow Fleet: A Five Year Celebration

Shadow Fleet: A Five Year Celebration

As you may know by now, Shadow Fleet will reach its fifth anniversary in January 2012. What you won't know, is that in celebration of this brilliant achievement we are putting together a paperback collection of Shadow Fleet's entire five years of existence comprising every player, story, mission and SIMM to be released on Shadow Fleet Day - January 5th, 2012.

But it doesn't end there. As part of this celebratory book, entitled Shadow Fleet: A Five Year Celebration, we are planning on including a section for every character ever made, both past and present, but we need your help!

Please note that this book is a huge undertaking for the command staff who will be working hard behind the scenes to get it completed in time for Shadow Fleet Day. As such, we are on a strict deadline and anyone wishing to be included in the book must have their biographies completed no later than November 1st, 2011. Any submitted after this date will not be included.

I'm sure you'll all agree this is an exciting time for the fleet. With new members, ships and missions being made everyday, we are slowing growing into one of the best forum-based Star Trek RPGs on the internet. And this book will serve to reinforce that ideal by showing us just how far we have come in the past five years.

More details will follow in due course. Until then, continue to enjoy the quality role-playing our SIMMs provide and don't forget to keep your browser locked on the news board for future developments!

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