January 17, 2012

Task Group Alpha- Award Ceremony!

After the celebration of our individual SIMMs, we have also done the Task Group awards. They were splendid and I can only hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

TF-10 Task Group Alpha

I'm going to start us off with the Unit Citation, which is awarded the officers and crew of the SIMM that has been the most active over the past 6 months. It was an extremely difficult decision to make, but after weighing up the posting activity levels for both ships, I have decided that the USS Churchill has demonstrated more activity than the Discovery. I would like to personally congratulate Commander Clarke and his crew for what has been a very successful 6 months.

The second award I am pleased to announce is the Crew Efficiency Ribbon, awarded to the SIMM that has demonstrated the best organization over the past 6 months. As with the Unit Citation, this was a very difficult one to decide. However, I feel that the USS Churchill has once again proved to have had the better organization of the two ships.

That brings me nicely onto the Distinguished Command Award, which is given out to one Commanding Officer each year for demonstrating effective leadership and management of their SIMM. I am pleased to announce that Alexander Clarke is the recipient for 2011 for getting the Churchill up and running behind the scenes and for his development of the SIMM's first season. Though it is true he wasn't able to commit to posting full time, he did ensure the SIMM was running smoothly in his absence by checking in on it on a regular basis and instructing his First Officer well. Please congratulate him on this achievement.

The final award left for me to present today is the Task Group Commander's Commendation, which is my chance to personally recognize the efforts of a player within our Task Group. The person I am awarding this to I feel has demonstrated an excellent standard of posting while a member of the Task Group. He regularly goes above and beyond what is expected of him and artistically paints a picture of what his character is doing whenever he posts. He is never afraid to get involved in out-of-mission discussions and always has a good attitude towards his service to the fleet. Please congratulate Lance Krol on earning the Task Group Commander's Commendation. Keep up the good work, Lance!

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