July 5, 2012

Task Group Alpha Award Ceremony with Admiral Kawolsky

Awards Ceremony - July, 2012

Looking at all of your individual awards ceremonies, I am very pleased to see you all contributing effectively towards the running of your SIMMs. I am especially proud of those who joined relatively recently and have received awards so please accept my congratulations on that front.

Getting into the Task Group awards, I'd like to begin by recognizing the efforts of one of our Command Officers.

The Recruitment Ribbon is given out in recognition of a player's efforts in recruiting new members to the fleet. There is only Command Officer I can think of who is deserving of this award and that is Commander Riley T. Munro for her astounding recruitment efforts on the internet and through the Star Trek: Online MMORPG. Through engaging with potential recruits, she has not only spread the word about Shadow Fleet through new mediums, but has also managed to recruit new players to join our fantastic community. A very well done to her.

Moving, into some of the more regular Task Group awards, I'll begin with the Unit Citation.

The Unit Citation is awarded to all players of a SIMM deemed to be the most active over the last six month period. It has been extremely difficult in deciding which SIMM should be presented with this, but after careful deliberation I have decided that the USS Churchill has proven themselves against the USS Discovery for the second time running. However, I feel I must note that the USS Gibson has gotten off to a flying start, having already completed their second mission so I am sure it will be a close call at the next awards ceremony. Congratulations to Lieutenant Commander Krol and the rest of the Churchill crew.

The Crew Efficiency Ribbon is presented to the officers and crew of the most organized SIMM. I'm afraid I have to say that there is only one real contender for this award and even though it has only been around for a matter of weeks, the USS Gibson has definitely come out on top. With extremely well-thought out missions, a high activity rating and all round excellent organization, the Gibson has really set the standard for the other SIMMs in the Task Group. A very well done to Commander Munro and the rest of the crew.

This leads me nicely onto the Distinguished Command Award. Based on my previous comments, I am so impressed with Commander Munro's efforts in launching the Gibson and keeping activity levels high that I have to present her with this award in recognition of that fact. I would hope that those people wishing to one day command a SIMM of their own pay close attention to Commander Munro. A very well done, indeed.

The final presentation I would like to make today is in recognition of one person's efforts within our Task Group. Crewman Adolph Klein has only been with us a short period of time but already he has made a considerably impact on our community. Having suggest numerous ways in which Shadow Fleet can improve (some of which have already been implemented), Crewman Klein is always among the first to welcome new players and help with their integration into the fleet. I am positive that because of his actions, many new players have found their experience interesting and enjoyable, and I am sure that moving forward he can only be an excellent addition to our fleet.

With that concludes the Task Group awards for July, 2012.

I would like to congratulate all who won awards and thank all of you who didn't for what has been a spectacular six months. The Task Group (and indeed the fleet as a whole) has gone from strength to strength which could not have happened without the dedication and commitment to posting you all display on a daily basis. I would like to extend particular thanks to all of our Command Officers who keep the SIMMs running day in, day out as without the time and effort you put into the work you do, we wouldn't have any SIMMs to speak of.

Finally, I feel I must make one last special mention and that is for Lieutenant Commander Krol and the crew of the [i]Churchill[/i]. I realize it has been a difficult past couple of months for you all, especially Commander Krol, but you have all stuck together and battled through to produce some great posts. It was not my intention to thrust Lieutenant Commander Krol into position so quickly, but he has taken to the role with professionalism and managed the [i]Churchill[/i] adequately while I look for a replacement Commanding Officer. To the crew of the [i]Churchill[/i], thank you for supporting him and please bear with me while preparations are made to appoint a more permanent Commanding Officer in the near future.

Thank you, and congratulations to you all!

Please congratulate everyone on their awards and feel free to check out the award ceremonies of the Discovery, Churchill, and the Gibson.

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