July 1, 2012

Post of the Month--June 2012

Ladies and gents, please congratulate Ensign Ash Thompson on wining the post of the month for June 2012. His post was brilliantly written and was very enjoyable to read.

Ash sat in the engineer's office trawling through report after report. Newly commissioned ships were always a nuisance. Requisitions, requests, evaluations, projections, the all-important sodding conversion figures everybody seemed to prize so highly...

Not to say he wasn't going to make The Gibson the pride of the fleet and her Captain along with it. God knows she'd pulled enough strings to get him here.

For the Nth time today the monitor went off, pulling his attention from the PADD in his hand. He let fly a few soto voce curses before activating it.

"Oh, we'll isn't that just fu...." he pulled himself up when he noticed one of his staff in the doorway. He kept a strict open-door policy... An open door is easier to shoot and throw things through...

"Yeah?", he flicked the PADD to the desk painfully aware that what followed would be a 10 minute tsunami of inane drivel about how proud he was to blah blah blah waffle waffle waffle.

He let the kid wax lyrical for a little before gleaning what he needed from the conversation, congratulating the kid on his posting and putting him back to work.

He stepped into main engineering...
"Ok ladies," he announced to the assembled morass of young faces, " I'm gonna lay something on you and I'd like you to take it on board. I am very proud to be serving with all of you regardless of your experience, species, gender or lack thereof or sexual orientation. But this heartfelt admission of pride stuff has to stop! Now I don't know if many of you know this but Cap'n pulled a lot of favors to get us all here and if you're here it's because she selected you herself. This is a new ship and something WILL go wrong in the soon'n'now. What do you think will impress her more? That when it does, you're all doing an admirable job at your station or that you're in my office blowing smoke up my backside about dreams come true and how momma's gonna be so damned thrilled?!"

After a few more light hearted jibes at some of the younger guys he dismissed himself with the promise of after hours drinks and returned to his office.

"Well... That could have gone worse"

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