July 30, 2012

Post of the Month--July 2012

Please congratulate Ensign Saffir G'Tollikos of the USS Gibson for writing this month's post of the month! An excellent post, his Commanding Officer had this to say: I really enjoyed reading this short but excellent post from Tolly. A really good effort." If you read a post that you think is spectacular, don't forget to nominate it for the Post of the Month.

"Red alert," called Tolly from the center chair. His mind reeled. What had they stumbled across? Why would a Klingon engine be hidden on a planet, and why were they willing to shoot at a Federation starship? And what was the away team flying into? "Shields up. Lt. Sanchez, track where the incoming fire came from. Tachyons and metaphasics as before. Tactical, target phasers on the energy signature below and open a channel."

Seconds later came the reply, "Phasers locked, channel open, but there's no response."

"Unknown vessel, this is acting Captain Saffir G'Tollikos of the Federation science vessel Gibson. We're here on a a mission of peaceful exploration. However, you should know that I have trained ship's phasers on whatever the energy source is below. If you continue hostilities, I will order this ship to fire on it until it is destroyed. Respond."

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