January 13, 2013

USS Gettysburg Crew Roster Announced

Following on from our official announcement of the opening of our next SIMM, the USS Gettysburg, we are pleased to reveal the full crew roster of those who will be serving on her.

The Galaxy-class USSGettysburg

The USS Gettysburg will be the fleet's first Galaxy-class starship SIMM, its purpose to reignite the ethos of exploration and discovery beyond the fringes of Federation space. Commanding our first heavy cruiser will be Commander Lance Krol with promotion to the rank of Captain, who will be assisted by his current First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Connor Price, who will also be receiving a promotion to the rank of Commander.

Take a look at the full crew roster listed below:

Commanding Officer: Captain Lance Krol
First Officer: Commander Connor Price
Chief Security/Tactical Officer: Lieutenant Kirok
Security/Tactical Crewman: Crewman Recruit Revek Tre'el
Chief Engineering Officer: Ensign Safi Larson
Engineering Crewman: Warp Core Specialist Benjamin Bradley
Operations Crewman: Sensor Systems Specialist Sukal
Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant T'Ra Jones
Medical Crewman: Senior Medical Technician Rennan Protheus

Full instructions for those transferring to the Gettysburg will be made available in due course, but if you didn't get a place on our newest ship, don't worry! There will be plenty of opportunities for transfer later on down the line.

The Gettysburg is due to open with her first mission entitled "Unwritten Future" this February 1st.

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