May 3, 2012

RPG Exchange Program

Please give Ensign Danny Wallace a warm welcome to Shadow Fleet. He is taking part in the RPG exchange program. He joined us on April 16th and will be with us until the 16th of May. Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to post this sooner (better late than never). Anyway, he comes from all the way from the USS Phantom SIMM! Please make sure you give him a warm welcome and make sure that the time he spends with us is a blast. In the meantime, our very own Shelaf Greegy, Master Chief Petty Officer, is representing us on the Phantom SIMM. Feel free to check it out yourself. The point of the RPG exchange program is to experience and see how other Star Trek SIMMS work. It is also to get together with other Trekkies to have a smashing good time.

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