May 14, 2012

Major Changes to the Fleet Application Process

For those of you who haven't noticed, there have been several major changes to the Fleet Application process as well as promotion criteria. Shadow Fleet will no longer be accepting commissioned officer applications from new players or secondary characters. Do you still wish to become an officer? Never fear! Starting June 1st, all new players or secondary characters must first join as an enlisted crewman. Not only does it ensure that the ratio of crewman to officers is not out of whack, it allows players a time for learning before stepping into bigger roles. As they progress through the crewman ranks, their knowledge grows. Once they reach the position of Petty Officer Third Class, they may at last apply to gain entry into Shadow Fleet's long established Academy. However, academy courses will only be offered at certain times so that all courses can be conducted at the same time. For more information, check out the topics in the Fleet News Service Board and the Help Files.

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