June 24, 2013

Resignation of Admiral John Kawolsky

Ladies and Gentleman of Shadow Fleet,

Some of you may be aware that recently, the Fleet has been going through some problems.
It appears that, as these issues are wrapped up, the result is the resignation of our very own Rear Admiral John Kawolsky.

John joined the fleet on January 5th, 2007, when it first started. He has been a loyal member ever since, and has helped the Fleet grow in so many ways.

While I do not know all of his actions, I know that he commanded the USS Discovery for many years, and held everyone's respect. He was then promoted to Task Group Commander, and he helped Task Group Alpha grow beyond 2 small slow ships. Whatever problem the Task Group faced, John managed to face it down and fight through it.

John Kawolsky was a founding member of Shadow Fleet and more than that, was a defining member of Shadow Fleet. He helped this fleet grow massively, and will be remembered.

Please leave your respects to Rear Admiral John Kawolsky in Fleet News thread.

-Admiral Reece Thompson

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