August 29, 2012

Post of the Month--August 2012

Please congratulate Crewman Jacoby Hawkins for writing this month's Post of the Month! A most enjoyable post, his Commanding Officer commented, "This is epic! Hawkins has really found his place in Engineering. Well written, descriptive, fun, lighthearted and overall enjoyable read. I am very proud of my engineering department!" If you come across what you think is a stellar post, don't forget to nominate it for next month's post of the month.

:: Main Engineering | USS Gibson ::

Having been sequestered inside a cramped Poer relay for the better part of the past few hours, and having been tasked with repairing said relay's coolant matrix, Jacoby looked the part. Coolant fluid adorned the crimson haired Crewman's face and uniform, and his trousers were torn in a few different places. There was even coolant in his hair. But he was happy to have been tasked with the job. Since they's gotten the new Chief Petty Officer in engineering, it really wasn't the place to be for him. He'd had a few run ins with the new NCO's ire, and the prospect didn't exactly excite him. It excited his new room mate, Crewman Apprentice Silas Wentworth even less.

"HAWKINS!" the non-com's voice carried down from the gangway overlooking main engineering. "Get to the Cargo Bay. Ensign Thompson's been looking for you."

"What's he want Chief? There's half a power conduit on Deck Five looking for me too." Jacoby called up, squinting to see the burly Tellarite leaning over the railing."

"Who cares what he wants WITH you. He want's YOU is the point. Get moving." Gren called out, his nasally baritone blanketing the Gibson's nerve center. "And send Wentworth to deck five."

"Aye Chief." Jacoby yelled back. "Also, you look thin today. Chef cooked bacon and eggs in the mess."

Gren's subsequent reply, loud and thunderous as it came, was preceded by a padd exploding against the bulkhead next to him. "GET MOVING."

Hawkins was already out the doors when the pieces hit the deck.

=/\= Hawkins to Wentworth =/\=

A moment went by before the excitable young engineer's voice crackled over the com link.

=/\= Wentworth. =/\=

=/\= Yes. Boss Hog wants to to finish up the power conduit on deck five. I gotta go see the factory about something in the cargo bay. =/\=

=/\= Ok. I'm going there now. did you leave the tools? =/\=

=/\= Yup. they're all still there. Hawkins out. =/\=

With the connection closed, Jacoby was free to wonder just what the Gibson's chief engineer wanted with him. Might have been about his nickname. In fact, Jacoby pondered as he approached the cargo bay, that's probably what it was. In Hawkins' brief experience in Starfleet, hard truths weren't something officers liked to hear. Especially when that truth was in regards to them. Oh well... more replicator cleaning duty. Apparently Boss Hog wasn't fond of his nickname either. And Jacoby hadn't even thought that one up. The guy from Earth did... the cowboy. Oh well.

The doors to the Gibson's cargo bay swooshed open before him, revealing Ensign Thompton, a science crewman, and some sort of alien looking contraption.

"Chief Thompson, Bo... Chief Petty Officer Gren said you wanted to see me?"

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