June 5, 2012

Post of the Month--May 2012

Well, laddies and gents, after some deliberation, Lt. Tobias Masters has been awarded the PotM for May. Please congratulate him for his brilliantly written post.

Masters sat in the center seat reading the tactical data streaming to the small console. He was getting ready to test a new firing system, and he wanted to make sure that everything was in order. He liked to check and recheck things to make sure once the time came to use the system in combat, that there was little chance of it failing.

"Ops, alert the Type 9 Shuttle it is clear for launch."

=/Masters to engineering, status on modifications\=

=/Things are stable so far\= Came the reply, which was what he wanted to hear.

"Sir, the Shuttle has launched, they will be at there destination in four minutes" the ops officer reported.

=/Engineering, bring the new systems online, bring main power online and prepare to cycle the weapon power relays\=

He could almost feel the crews eagerness at seeing if the new systems would work, but he ignored it. He needed to keep an eye on the data. He didn't want to see anything malfunction and cause damage. If the new systems worked, there Type X phasers would increase proficiency by close to twenty percent, a huge jump in already powerful weapons.

=/Churchill, this is the Shuttlecraft, we are in position, and have launched the target probes. Sensors are set and we are awaiting the test\=

"Tactical, yellow alert, bring weapons on full, put the target probes onscreen" He said, eyes switching back and forth from the large screen and the readout he had been focusing on. "Report"

"Sir, all systems green, I am not detecting any anomalies in the power flow." the Tactical officer reported.

"Fire at will" he said and sat back in the chair to watch and see. two blasts pulsed from the ship, not the standard long stream, but something that appeared to be between that and a torpedo launch. It was incredible to see such a modification. The two blasts hit there targets with precision, but it was obvious something wasn't right. They could almost hear a whining sound come from deep in the ship. "SHUT IT DOWN!" he yelled, he didn't know what was happening, but it was clear that it wasn't good.

"Sir controls aren't responding" the Tactical officer reported

=/Engineering, cut power to weap....\= was all he got out before a thunderous boom could be heard through out the ship and everyone was tossed from their present location as the ship shook violently.

Things began to settle, but the power was clearly on reserves. The red lights flashed, and all sorts of alarms were sounding. The darkened bridge began to reek of an acrid odor, so it was clear life support was not able to compensate with the mess that had become of the normally clean and orderly bridge. Masters picked himself up from the ground and made his way to the tactical board, seeing that the stand in that he had been talking to a moment ago was clearly dead. "Report" he croaked out, coughing a bit as his lungs took in a plume of smoke. The tactical board was a mess.

"Sir, life support functioning at minimal capacity. Deck four has several hull breaches, centered around the Phaser Maintenance section and the aft torpedo launchers housed on that deck are gone. We have lost contact with engineering, and main power is offline." came the weak reply of the operations officer, it was clear she had sustained heavy injury.

====/Computer, safe program, analyze where things went wrong and save report under Masterstestalpha2; end program\====

Masters was curious how long it would take him to get this to work, if he ever would. At least this time the entire ship didn't explode, it had taken he some time to get it to the point only massive damage occurred, so there was at least some progress.

Masters spent a couple hours pouring over the data, until it was time for his duty shift, then he closed the systems and went to the bridge.

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